Gasoline and Dirty Sheets

Album: American Utopia (2018)
  • Many of the tracks on American Utopia were written by David Byrne after watching the news. The former Talking Heads frontman told Billboard that this song "was inspired by a lot of refugee camps and people being displaced - people who are, in many cases, professionals."
  • The American Utopia album finds David Byrne concerned about the state of American politics. He explained to Uncut April 2018:

    "These songs were written two years ago, so they are not a reaction to the Donald, but to the world that gave birth to him. I believe we are following a path that was begun in the '80s. Obama may have been a stop gap, but the juggernaut's rolled on. Trump is a symptom of that... Fox, Reagan and many others created a place for him."


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