We Won't Be Quiet

  • This features a surprising appearance by the legendary Hard Rock guitarist Ted Nugent on this Christian worship song. Explained Crowder in CCM magazine, "It seems like every record, we have some random thing happen. And the amazing thing is, this time The Nuge stopped by. The Motor City Madman makes an appearance on the record."
  • Crowder told Air1 Radio how he met Nugent: "His wife goes to our church (in Waco, Texas). She has been going there since they came there, 3 years ago. She comes up after a Sunday service and said, 'Ted really wants to collaborate. He just fell in love with the guitar tones on A Collision and he wants to get together and see what might be in store.' I said, 'OK, I'm not opposed to that at all,' thinking, 'This is never going to happen.' But sure enough, a couple of days later, Ted calls and says, 'We've got to get together.' So I told him to pop over to the barn (Crowder's home studio) and it was unbelievable! The guy can play! I mean I knew his music, somewhat and I knew of his hunting and his politics a little better, but the guy can play guitar! So he is absolutely all over one song - it's the Ted Nugent track. It's funny. It's now a blossoming relationship. Now, I think his mission in life is to get an automatic weapon in my hands."
  • David Crowder told Tulsa World October 26, 2007 the background to the album's title, which focuses on the Christian belief that people can find rescue in Jesus Christ and that this rescue is the only remedy, or hope, for the world. "We want to help individuals be aware of the reality of the rescue. Once people have found their rescue in Christ, they can't keep it to themselves. The rescue is something you want to export to the people around you."
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