Little Bad Girl

Album: Nothing But The Beat (2011)
Charted: 4 70


  • This is the second single by French DJ and producer, David Guetta, from his Nothing But The Beat album. The song features English Pop singer Taio Cruz and American rapper Ludacris and was released on June 28, 2011.
  • The song is the follow up to the LP's lead single "Where Them Girls At." Initially Guetta's record company was undecided which of these bangers to release first. "I have two really, really big ones," The French DJ told MTV News at the time. "They are both huge records, but one sounds more European. The other one sounds a bit more US." He added with a smile: "So people are fighting inside the record company: It's the US against Europe. So we are gonna see who has more muscle!"
  • The song was originally an instrumental, which Guetta played at his DJ sets. He explained to Artist Direct how it transformed into this club banger with vocals: "For people who often come to my shows, it became the record they wait for. At first, I wanted to keep it instrumental. One day, Taio Cruz came to my place in Ibiza, and I played him the instrumental. He fell in love with it, and he came with that huge song. It was undeniable. We recorded it in my home first, and I love it so much as a song and as an instrumental."


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