Sun Goes Down

  • This is one of three Listen tracks that features the Dutch sibling electronic music duo Showtek; these Janssen brothers also show up on "Bad" and "No Money No Love." Frequent Showtek collaborator Sonny Wilson and Canadian reggae-pop band Magic! also contributed to the track.
  • Showtek told Billboard magazine about their collaborations with Guetta. "Our whole career started as producers, we never dreamed of becoming performing Djs," they said. "When we started making music, it was a hobby that started when we were 15 or 16. Working with David was a great chance to try producing pop, reggae and the dance music from nowadays. The songs definitely have a good Showtek touch but also more crossover pop and reggae styles from David."

    "It's fun to try and do different stuff and experiment and see where you can go with it," Showtek added. "It's good to be diverse and try different stuff. David is very good to work with. He has the ability to put things together I'd never think of, he's been doing it already for like 15 years. He's very good at knowing what to put together with what and have a vision for how it should be produced. Putting a different style vocal with a different sound and find the right people to work with."


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