Album: This Is A Recording (1986)


  • This song was written by David Persons when he was waiting for his girlfriend (later his wife) and started beating the rhythm out on his steering wheel.
  • Mike Reibenstien played the principle drums and percussion on this song, with David Zycheck (producer), Bob Haley (associate producer and engineer), David Persons, Drew Wilson (guitar) and Ruthie Foster (vocalist) all adding to the sound by beating on everything from a trash can to an African Wooden Xylophone (credited on the album as "The Tuned Wooden Thing." This song is one of the catchiest on the album and was the song that was often used as the final song in concert (before the encore) by the Instruments.
  • There are several "unplanned" sounds that made it onto the final mix, and they can be heard if one listens closely. They add to the overall fun, and important message, of "We Are The Key."
  • This song is based on the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son. >>
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    JoAnne - Virginia Beach, VA, for all above

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  • Mick from Sydney, AustraliaThese blokes were good. Hope those rumours are true John - that would be fair dinkum!
  • John from Austin, TxThere was a lot of discussion at last year's SXSW that David is doing a new album, but because he is going back to get another Master's degree it has been delayed. This album is rumored to be a huge departure from This Is A Recording with David going back to his Austin roots and also making it his sound as he is producing, and according to a couple of people who know him, playing a number of instruments on it, as he did on There Is Love. Many folks don't realize that There Is Love was a demo and he played all of the instruments, and it sounded so good that they released the demo. Latest word I heard about the new album's release is early summer of this year.
  • Neil from Austin, TxThe credits for this song include something called the "tuned wooden thing" (I think it was an African Xylophone) - I really liked this guy's music, but he has a really cool, and a bit strange, sense of humor.

    I hope that Austen is right and there is a new project in the works. This bunch rocked! And I bet that they still will.
  • Austen from Fourwinds, TxIt was announced last week that David Persons is now working on a new album that will be hopefully completed and released on the internet by the middle of 2009. This will be Persons first album since 1986 and those who have heard the early tracks say that it sounds "incredible". The album's working title is "Nocturne Ascending".
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