Crawl Back In

Album: Out of Ashes (2009)


  • Dead By Sunrise is the side project of Linkin Park's vocalist, Chester Bennington and electronica outfit Julien-K. This was the first single released from their debut album, Out of Ashes.
  • The song details Bennington's slow climb back after extricating himself from a self-destructive lifestyle. He explained to MTV News that the climb started with some serious self-discovery: "It's a song about questioning your authenticity. I do that every once in a while; I wonder how many of my own thoughts are really my own, and how much influence do the people around me have on the person I am."
  • Bennington explained the band's name and album title to MTV News: "I came up with the band name because in the beginnings of making this album, I was partying... we'll call it partying. It wasn't much fun, but we partied a lot. And there was a lot of times where I was kind of in a really self-destructive place, and sometimes it felt like you weren't sure if you were going to make it to the next day. The name kind of evolved from that lifestyle, and the title of the record, Out of Ashes, is kind of coming out of that self-destructive path I was on, and rising from the ashes, so to speak."
  • Guitarist Amir Derakh told AntiMUSIC about this song: "The song itself is about the purity of who you are before you're born, and then when you get older, you want to get back to the same purity of youth."
  • Derakh told AntiMUSIC about filming the video: "The video shoot was actually pretty easy. We all shot separately on the rocks. It's fairly easy for us – really cool location, and we just did our thing."

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  • Shadow from Depression, VaChester Bennington= freaking amazing. He can do freaking ANYTHING. Linkin Park is my favorite band, and I'm planning on checking this band out too. This is awesome :D
  • Dar from Mansfield, TxOUT OF ASHES WOW!! This CD is another great CD by Chester Bennington and you can DEFINITLY not forget the other members of LINKIN PARK OR DEAD BY SUNRISE!!! YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!!
  • Diana from Lake Hughes , CaI really like the new tune. Caught the video and it's driving me nuts! Where was it filmed? Looks like Vasquez Rocks northern end of LA County! Does anyone know?
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