I Remember
by Deadmau5 (featuring Kaskade)

Album: Random Album Title (2008)
Charted: 14


  • Deadmau5 (his name is pronounced "Dead-Mouse") is a Canadian house producer and DJ. For this song he teamed up with American house DJ and producer Kaskade. After becoming an extensive club hit in North America in 2008, this song crossed the Atlantic to become a chart hit in the UK in 2009.
  • Deadmau5 told HousePlanet.DJ that this was originally an older track that he re-visited. He explained that it "was based on a track that I never released called 'I Forget.'" Deadmau5 added: "It had been more of a cinematic segue-type thing, not dance music at all, which is something that I'll throw together every month—just some 50 second long thing. So I went back to that track and realized that if we expanded it, and added a vocal it might work."

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  • Anonymous from UsaIt starts out that as you hear this song a turning point in your life is coming and you feel the past move in. Letting a new day begin without me would be a trip (trippy music) But don't just end your memory by smoking, add the the memory you keep. Remember dancing in a recital together and playing tennis in the tropics. Remember how you told me to go when I was about to be beaten alive with rocks in front of a church (which is how you pulled me though). Hold on to central time as I leave to go to Africa, but you don't have to forget your love for me to let go of me. You don't have to completely lose contact with me to let go, you can send a murderer from another country for me. It's a story that goes with Raise your weapon and strobe for me. But the French police never caught the attempted murder.
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