Album: The Deftones (2003)
Charted: 68
  • A hexagram is a potent symbol of the macrocosm (God, the Universe or Higher Energies) and of the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm (Humankind, the Earth or Manifest Energies). In its regular form, it is drawn as two intersecting equilateral triangles, and is most commonly seen as the Judaic Star of David.
  • "Suckas" was a working title for this song. >>
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  • Michael from Chillitown, OhThis song can mean many different things. But to me, this is about going to a rock concert. The chrous part (Worship, Pray Pray) Is like saying the concert dwellers are, in a since, "worshipping' the performers on stage. The lyric "The crowd goes wild" (Self expanatory). THe lyrics Chino repeats (It's the same sound) people unlike metal/rock fans say "It all sounds the same and it's the same noise over and over".
    David makes a good point about it, one I never thought upon. This is a good example of how differently people look at there music. :)
  • Anthony from Bakersfield, CaThe entire meaning of the song is amazing. And to match the meaning with the name of the song is pretty clever. I would have to say that this is my favorite song of all time.
  • David from Sacramento, CaThis song is a political statement by the band, using symbolism to let the listener imagine the other side of terrorism that we have never opened to. This song tells the story of a middle eastern state going threw what we consider an act of terrorism,"Paint the streets in white Death is the standard Breach for a complex prize" "Now to protect life's indigenous sound Worship Pray, Pray." The listener is getting inside in into the mind of terrorists what they consider to be a holy act of redemption we consider to be a act of terror, a bombing. "How the streets they swell While the animals make their way through the crowds." (the streets of the city are busy and crowded) "And the crowd goes wild. And the camera makes you seasick" (a protest is taking place and is being recored by a camera when it is interrupted by an explosion, the sudden movement of the camera makes the viewer see a blurry and distorted image, like the feeling of being seasick) "God it's so sweet of you and I know you're proud." (the bombers are praising God and admiring their act of violence as an act of holy redemption to their God)"The car bomb hits quick click, faint smile" (pretty self explanatory)"Its the same sound" (the closing verse that lets the listener realize that whether its a car bomb or a our very own troops throwing a granade into an occupied home, its all the same sound, pointless death)

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