Album: Around The Fur (1997)
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  • This song was chosen to be on the album by lead singer Chino Moreno. Even though they had played the song only once, Moreno thought the song sounded really good.
  • Drummer Abe Cunningham came up with the title "Labia." Since labia is a female sex organ, Moreno did not like the title's meaning, so they added the "H." >>
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    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA, for above 2
  • The lyrics are incredibly cryptic, which is typical of Moreno. This seems to be about prostitution and cocaine, and a young virgin girl who gets addicted and turns to prostitution to pay for her habit. "Sixteen, Olive" indicates she is 16 years old and has olive skin. The line, "Dying of boredom, I'll try it all" explains why most people get into drugs: because they're bored, they want to experiment and liven things up. "It looks and feels great, but look at what it's doing to you, that's OK, look at how it feels" says that with any substance (or prostitution), abusing something fun can turn it into something undesirable. The depths of binges are terrible and the only thing you can think of is how stupid you are, and what you're doing to yourself, but as soon as you give in and get back on, you can't imagine being without its effects. >>
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