Cold Winter Sun


  • Singer Ryan Clark explained the song's meaning: "When the sun is shining in our own lives, it's important to remember that it's raining down upon someone else," he said. "It can be difficult to truly see outside yourself - especially when everything seems to be coming up roses."

    "When we suffer, we expect the world to stop and suffer with us. . . but when we're basking in the glow of good fortune, we're often blind to those whose lives are in turmoil," Clark continued. "This song is a reminder, to myself as much as anyone else, to be mindful at all times of the difficulties others face."
  • In the past, Ryan Clark had assumed chief writing duties, but these responsibilities were spread out a bit more for their eighth studio album. "Patrick's [Judge, lead guitar] contributions to Outlive unveil an exciting new path for the future of the band. He wrote the music for 'Cold Winter Sun' and it's absolutely one of my favorites from the record," said Clark.

    "'Cold Winter Sun' is a perfect example of where we're at today, maintaining an element of classic Demon Hunter, but not so much as to be resting on our laurels," he continued. "It's always been my desire to pull a healthy amount of inspiration from our past, but to also incorporate enough forward progression to keep things interesting."


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