Album: True Defiance (2012)
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  • Demon Hunter open their sixth studio album, True Defiance, with this uncompressing rocker. Frontman Ryan Clark told Alternative Press magazine: "I had the idea for this song long before I wrote it. We knew we really wanted to start this album with a ripper, much like we did with the title track on Storm The Gates Of Hell. I'll have to admit we definitely took a cue from Pantera on how to open a record. This song was really fun to write because the idea was to keep it as relentless as possible, but still musical. The guitar harmonies on the verses are some of my favorite riffs on the record. I think this song displays a perfect blend of classic thrash and European influences... a lot of speed and a little groove."
  • Clark told Alternative Press that for the intro, the band wanted it wanted it to sound like a 1980s cassette recording. He said: "There are a lot of elements and themes on this record that point back to the old-school, DIY approach to doing things as a band, and this was an idea that further drove that concept. We set up together in the live room of the studio and just played the song, recording through a single room mic. We also recorded the performance onto an old cassette, but interestingly enough, the room mic sounded just as junky."
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