Fire To My Soul

Album: The Triptych (2005)
  • This song reflects the band's Christian beliefs. It describes people who are suffering and acting in corrupted ways without really knowing it. It raises the question of why we live and fight in such a negatively distorted world. The question is answered with thoughts of goodness, loved ones, and what is right. "I heard you calling, setting fire to my soul. Are these the hopes we die for? We die for light." >>
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    Angela - Sacramento, CA

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  • Tanner from Lonedell, Moand brandon yes demon Hunter is most definately a christian band
  • Tanner from Lonedell, Moby the way i aggree with Erin im the biggest Demon hunter fanatic ever and those arent the right lyrics it is infact " I heared you calling setting fire to my soul is this the voice we die for we die for life"
  • David from Santa Fe , NmDemon Hunter is definitely a christian band. Check out their myspace page.
    God Bless,
  • Erin from Bridgeport, Wvthat is not the right is: i heard you calling, setting fire to my soul. is this the voice we die for? we die for life.
  • Brandon from Haltom, Txis demon hunter a christian band is that just one song that they sing about
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