The Heart Of A Graveyard

Album: Extremist (2014)


  • Demon Hunter close their Extremist album with quite possibly the "poppiest" track on the record. Vocalist Ryan Clark told Decibel magazine: "It was hard to find the right place for this song in the track listing. We knew that we really loved how it came out though, so we decided it worked best at the end. I like how it wraps up the album: It's unlike any last song we've done before. And it works well as a final song from a lyrical standpoint as well, as it deals with death and the afterlife."
  • Clark explored the song quite a bit during its writing process. He said: "I went back and forth trying to figure out the best chord progressions for the pre-chorus and chorus. The vocal melody was set in stone, but there were so many possibilities for how to structure the chords. For instance, you'll notice the pre-chorus comes back in, over the chorus, on the repeat. Which means the chord structure on the chorus works just as well for the pre-chorus as well, but I wanted to make sure we varied the two, giving each part their own definitive place."


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