Album: A Real Good Person in a Real Bad Place (2021)
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  • "MMC" stands for Mickey Mouse Club, which in this song represents the glossy but vapid entertainment industry that controls pop culture and abandons its stars when they're no longer useful. "'MMC' is about chasing what others expect from you," Des told Songfacts. "It's about losing your soul in your integrity in the timeless pursuit of a cheap flash that sucks the artistry from your veins. It's about embracing the true self and pushing the boundaries of music."
  • The Mickey Mouse Club first aired in the 1950s, minting a star in Annette Funicello. The 1989 revival had an outsized influence on music and entertainment, launching the careers of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. A punk rocker, Des Rocs stands in contrast to this kind of manufactured pop. He knows he'll never be a part of it because "they'll never let a rat in the Mickey Mouse Club."
  • The music video, directed by Bobby Hanaford, is a send-up of Disney stars, opening with what looks like a Disney Channel interstitial, but with a barfing presenter. In this universe, the young actors engage in some very un-Disney-like behavior when the cameras aren't rolling.
  • "MMC" is the first single from Rocs' first full-length album, A Real Good Person In A Real Bad Place. Based in New York City, he started making music in his bedroom in 2018 and grew an online following, with millions of streams for his 2020 track "Nothing Personal." He calls his sound "bedroom arena rock."


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