Evil Boy

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  • This is the fifth single from South African hip-hop group Die Antwoord's debut album, $O$. The outfit consists of three members Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek and this song also features guest rapper Wanga.
  • Ninja explained his and Yo-Landi's verses to Spin magazine: "I'm rapping about finding boobs and stuff. And black magic and like stealing money. Yo-Landi raps about hitting on a guy. She used to hit on guys, flirt with them and then just pickpocket them. That's why we call her Rich Bitch. She had so much money. She's flirting with different guys and just robbing them."
  • The song's controversial music video features heavy phallic imagery and Wanga rapping about how he's not gay. Ninja explained the back-story of the clip to Spin magazine: "He caused a stir because his verse is about African tribal circumcision. He's under pressure because he's from the ghetto and he had to go to the bush to get circumcised to become a man. [In their culture], you get your penis circumcised with a kitchen knife. No anaesthetic, no painkiller. He was supposed to go and we said 'maybe you shouldn't go because that sounds really f--kin' dumb' and then we made up the chorus [for 'Evil Boy'] together and he kicked that verse. The [tribal members] are like unbelievably homophobic. They're heavy anti-gay. He thought it was quite funny that these grown men want to touch the penis and he said 'Don't touch my penis / I'm not a gay.' That's very taunting to say to them."
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