Schrei Nach Liebe

Album: Die Bestie in Menschengestalt (1993)
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  • This track mocking neo-Nazi groups was originally released by the German punk band Die Ärzte in 1993. One of the best known political anthems and anti-fascist songs in the group's home country, it peaked at #9 on the German singles chart.
  • The song title translates into English as "Scream For Love." It was recorded in the context of The Hoyerswerda Riots in which a group of mainly young neo-Nazis launched a series of attacks on asylum seekers in Hoyerswerda, a town in the northeast of Saxony, Germany between September 17-23, 1991. During the clashes, 32 people were hurt and 83 were arrested.
  • In 2015 a social media campaign lifted the song to the top of Germany's singles charts, following far-right arson attacks on refugee shelters. "I was really surprised, I never thought we'd manage it," said the campaign organizer Gerhard Torges. "I haven't got involved with volunteering to help refugees here because I don't know where to go and I don't have time. It's much easier online."
  • Die Ärzte donated all proceeds from the song's re-release to German human rights group, Pro-Asyl. "The campaign would have been cool with any other anti-Nazi song, but of course if it's going to be ours, we're very happy to support it," the band said. "To all Nazis and their supporters, we wish you bad entertainment."
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