Angels Or Devils

  • In a Songfacts interview with Dishwalla lead singer JR Richards, he explained the meaning of this song. "I was at a point where I was really trying to be conscious about doing the right thing. I think that all of us at multiple times in our lives will have a bit of that battle between right and wrong, and you can deal with your own demons. So, the song is really about that battle inside and overcoming. Focusing on love, positive things, and winning that battle."
  • The artist states that the angels burn inside "for" us while the devils burn inside "of" us. This makes it seem as if the devils are intrinsically inside and a part of us while the angels (representing good) are an outside/exterior factor trying to work its way inside of us. The writer of this song definitely knew what he/she was writing about - no one could write such a deep emotionally charged song without experiencing it in life first. >>
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    Live Freak - Beirut, Lebanon
  • This song started out with some chords Dishwalla keyboard player Jim Wood played for JR Richards. "When I took them home and started working with them I was already in a slightly different place just because he had given me an interesting set of chords," said Richards. "It ended up becoming a big part of the chorus."
  • This song was used in a very emotional scene in the TV show Smallville - episode 2.8 - "Ryan." >>
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    Stee - Kent, England

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  • Brian from Boston, MaAll I hear is piano what are you talking about?
  • Kenny from Chimbote, PeruThe way the acoustic guitar plays in the intro is a kinda mechanic, sometimes rough, but when the electric guitar starts, the acoustic sounds softer and with rythm of ballad, I love this song
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