Album: Silent Steeples (2004)


  • Elias is a man from Zimbabwe who Chad Urmston, a member of Dispatch, met while visiting the country in 1994. Elias, along with his wife and two sons, Honest and Manuel, live in Sector 17, one of Zimbabwe's most heavily HIV/AIDS infected areas. Chad wrote the song about them after he left Zimbabwe. He promised to write letters to Elias, but import/export laws prevented the letters form getting to the family. Soon after he got word that Elias, Manuel and Honest are alive and well. Zimbabwe is one of the world's most heavily HIV/AIDS-infected countries in the world. >>
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  • The first three verses are in sung in Shona, a language spoken in Zimbabwe. The first part deals with friendship and means that when you're feeling bereft of hope, don't be afraid to lean on your friends to get you through. The second part is a typical greeting in Zimbabwe. "Coz e wah he" means "Are you strong?" The reply to this is, "I am strong if you are strong." And then the greater replies with, "I am strong."
  • Dispatch created a fund called The Elias Fund that tries to reach out to the youths around the world, encouraging them to be aware of global situations and be an active voice on outstanding issues. >>
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  • Sarah from PaI raised my children with this CD. It is a genuinely beautiful song.
  • Alyssa from Georgia,the begginning is actually a prayer. they explain it on the dvd of the zimbabwe concert.
  • Alex from Blah, OhIts not "Coz e wah he". Its spelled "Kwaziwai" Which means "How are you" not "are you strong"
    The beginning is as follows.

    Dai Jesu achoinekwa ndaizofara naye
    If I could meet my Jesus I would be very happy with him.

    Taizofara naye
    We would be happy with him

    How are you?

    Makasimba, here?
    How are you feeling?

    Ndakasimba kana makisimbawo
    I am fine and I hope the same for you

    Ndakasimba, ndakasimba
    I am fine, oh I am fine.
  • Erica from Warrenton, VaVery Inspirational!
  • Ryan from Not Important, NyGreat song, powerful meaning, im gratefull that Brad steps out to those in need like those in section 17.

    You guys rule!
    Donate to the eliasfund guys.

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