Flying Horses

Album: Silent Steeples (2004)
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  • The Flying Horses is a carousel on Martha's Vineyard, an island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. On the carousel there are two dispensers in which you can grab rings from. In one round you can grab dozens of rings and if you get the brass ring, you get a free ride. In the song, he stole one of these rings and now it's old and rusty. >>
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    Derek - Boston, MA

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  • Tony from 80126Wow! I thought it was just me that this song reminded me of Martha's Vinyard. Besides the rings in the carousel in town, the 'girl with the most beautiful hair that wraps around her for clothes she did not wear.' makes me think of the nude beach at Gay Head beach.
  • Derek from ConnecticutI've always felt it was a metaphor for appreciating the beauty around us without having to seize it for yourself, the ring became rusty , stone lost, and the hair flew away, etc.
  • Annie from Sagamore Beach, MaI stole a couple of rings from the flying horses in Martha's Vineyard as well. I, too, wondered if it was the same flying horses as in this song.
  • Sean from Sandwich, Mai went to the flying horses today. great place. America's oldest carousel. great great song.
  • Noblelaureat from Anysignificanttown, InHmm, I'm seeing a wind in the willows influence to be quite honest..badger, one-eyed toad, "wise old look of the old," honestly? Definitely one influence...
  • Dean Beaver from Glens Falls, NyDude, obviously the song involves more that brass rings from a carousel. Its a song about love lost as well.
  • Ryan from Philly, Pathere is actually a couple of these carousels around the US. i have been to one in San Diego
  • Kevin from Mansfield, CtI think this song has to do with catcher in the rye.Because in the catcher in the rye the child grabs the ring off of the carousel and this sybolizes their growing up because they cant be controlled by their parents. Catcher in the rye is all about how a boy doesnt want to grow up and he wants to catch the kids going off the hill to adult hill.
  • Nick from Pepperell, MaHey, i love this song. I've actually been to the flying horses carosel on Martha's Vineyard quite a few times. I always wondered if thats what the song was about.
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