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  • This song is about a guy who uses a girl just for his own pleasures. The story is told from the girl's viewpoint; she loves this boy so much that she would let herself be used by him just to be with him. The boy knows that anytime he calls her name, she would come even if she knew it was just to be used. No matter what she tells herself, she could never say no. >>
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  • Yo from UsThe original meaning posted at the top- while it may be incorrect, hit me in the gut. 36 year old woman here, and this song always made me think of my ex husband. I loved him so much- even though he was pretty horrible in a lot of ways. He was never faithful to me, but I always believed he would change. In the end, it was clear he didn’t love me, and probably never did. I was a tool. And I came running to him for 15 years- being so proud to call him husband.
    So, girl may be off on the bands intent of the lyrics. But music means different things to all of us. Be kind to one another.
  • Emily from MsAll of Dispatch's songs have a deeper meaning than what you'd come up with by taking the lyrics just as they are, without thinking deeper or considering symbolism. So, I don't think it's about relationship issues-at least not in this reality. The song makes me think about someone I know whose died, who I had a difficult relationship with, but in the end I loved dearly, and "would come running."
  • Tommy from Amarillo, TxOn their "all Points Bulletin" live CD, before the song the singer tells the crowd, "This song goes out to all those who have lost someone they love, someone who can't be here right now, that you're missin'. Look up at the sky, this one's for them."
  • Jake from Salina, KsThis song cant be about someone who is already dead; the lyrics state "IF" i was gone from the land we know... As far as i can see, and i am not the foremost expert on interpreting songs, it is about a guy who loves this girl and wants nothing more than for her to think of HIm before anyone else if she has problems or something like that. Am i way off?
  • Victoria from Clarksville, TnThis song could have to do with God's call. But I definitely think it has more to do with love -- not relationship problems?
  • Germany from Houston, TxThis song is about love not gettin used what the hell were you thinkin when you posted that- but it does have different meanings but the overall meaning has to be love
  • Joseph from Woodward, IaAlthough you can get several meanings from lots of songs i think thats it is fairly straight that this song is about a lost love. through death or otherwise. Sorry
  • Alex from Blah, OhI agree with Jen. Get your facts straight before you post things.
  • Stevee-paige from Nashua, Nhthis song is such a good song. When im sad all i want to do is listen to this song. to me it has alot of different meanings, i get new things from it everytime i listen to it.
  • Jen from West Islip, NyFirst of all, the name of the album is Bang Bang, not Big Bang. Second, that is not what the song means. It is about someone who has died and wants to let those they love know that they will always be there. Dispatch does not sing about ridiculous relationship problems.
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