Make It Last


  • This is one of a trio of tracks on Raskit where Dizzee Rascal reminisces about his youthful days playing edgy raves and nightclubs during the early days of Grime. (The other two are "The Other Side" and "Ghost.")
  • During this song he recalls a 2002 double murder he witnessed at the west London venue Tudor Rose.

    All I saw was Gs
    Bredders on their knees
    Screaming "Why d'you take my boy away?
    God help him, please"

    Dizzee told The Observer that he wanted the trio of songs to serve as a reminder that those early days weren't as rosy as people like to make out. "There's a lot of talk of grime right now, but a lot of people don't understand what that environment was like at the beginning," he said. "It could be exciting, but it wasn't always as fun as it looked. It's not like I had a job or a house [with a] picket fence. None of us did. And, back in those days, it was the kind of music that would make people shoot their gun in a club. People died at those raves."


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