Scale It Back

Album: The Less You Know, the Better (2011)


  • This is a track from The Less You Know, the Better, the fourth studio album by American electronic hip hop artist and producer DJ Shadow. The album title comes from a sense that technology is getting out of hand. He told Q magazine: "I live in Silicon Valley, where at any moment you're being told that your life is incomplete because you don't have this piece of gear."
  • The song features Little Dragon. DJ Shadow told Billboard magazine how he hooked up with the Swedish electronic outfit: "I had met the [Little Dragon] lead vocalist, Yukimi Nagano, years and years ago when she was singing for another band. Fast forward a couple of years: I went to a record store and bought a bunch of music, and my favorite thing was a 45 that they did... So when they came to San Francisco the next time, I went out to see them and introduced myself and we hung out."


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