Album: Shame, Shame (2010)


  • This song was originally written several years before it finally appeared on a Dr. Dog album. Lead guitarist Scott McMicken explained to Express Night Out: "That song we finally got a version of it right for this record, but we recorded it for the last two albums - in total like five or six different times and versions. I can't say specifically [why it never worked before]; we'll do versions and it just doesn't feel right, so you keep hacking away at it. That's the case for a lot of songs [and] that's the other thing to consider. Toby (Leaman, bass) wrote that song, 'Station,' like, four or five years ago. Four or five years ago I don't think his mind state was anywhere near 'I've been touring too much,' so while I certainly could see why people would start to interpret a lot of the lyrics in that road-weary way, it's really not true in a lot of cases. I never bothered to think about it too much because, to me, it feels like a classic songbook kind of song. It's one of those songs that's sort of always been there and that's how it always felt to me."
  • Leaman explained on the band's website: "It's the only song I've ever written about touring or anything like that. It's also about how my wife and I bought a place in Wilmington, Delaware, and it worked out great for us, but we both miss Philly. It's also about leaving to go on tour, leaving over and over again."


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