The Green Fields Of France

Album: The Warrior's Code (2005)


  • This song is about the horrors of the first world war. It focuses on one person (Willie McBride) of many who died before their time.
  • This was originally recorded by an Irish folk singer named Eric Bogle. His version is in a different key. >>
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  • Dee from Northfield, IlThis is a great song. It's better to be a ballad than punk style, because if it was the latter, it just wouldn't fit. Besides, it's written slowly to mourn the dead of World War I. It also goes over the irnoy of how it was called "The War To End All Wars" when millions of people have died from war ever since. Just so damn beautiful. The song, that is.
  • Joe from Chicago, Arthis song was also covered by another celtic (sortof punkish) band "the men they couldn't hang"..... either way great song i think that dropkick murphys do it the best.
  • Chris from Gillingham, EnglandEric Bogle is a Scots-born Australian, not Irish.
  • Patrick Irvin from Lansdale, PaThis song is about a man traveling along in france, and comes to what was " no mans land" which is now large WWI grave.the person in the song finds the grave of 19 year old "Willie McBride" and starts to think about how this young mans life was during that time.
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