All You Need Is Now

Album: All You Need Is Now (2010)


  • This is the title track and first single from the British pop rock band Duran Duran's thirteenth studio album, All You Need Is Now. It was released on iTunes on December 8, 2010 as a free download. Bass player John Taylor explained the band were offering the song for free as they wanted to show they'd got their act together after a couple of mediocre records. He told the : "Instead of trying to get a Top 10 single we thought we would put out the single free. We are saying, 'We know our last two albums didn't set your world alight but check this out'."
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    Keyboardist Nick Rhodes "What's good about it for me is that there's something almost bittersweet about the lyric, turning back from the edge of the cliff and going, "I want to believe in something for a change". And yet, as a band, we couldn't be less about that: we never look back. Plus, as a title, it's great – it's a slogan."

    John Taylor: "Completing this song has fulfilled a fantasy I have had for some time. A Duran Duran 'power-ballad' (Timberlake's term). And that chorus – ah! It's like leaping off a mountain into a pool of love."
  • The album was produced by long term Duran Duran devotee Mark Ronson. Frontman Simon LeBon told the Hollywood Reporter how the Anglo-American producer virtually became a fifth member of the band: "He's the first producer who sat down with us and discussed musical direction before we recorded anything. He put so much time into the album. Sometimes, the lyrics just weren't coming to me, and he'd be asleep on the sofa but we would go out to get fresh air and some new perspective. Once we went to an art gallery and there was a Venus De Milo figure with her arms around a big mound of secondhand clothing, and I said, "Write down 'other people's lives,'" and he did and when we got back to the studio, it became a song. He's a fan of the band and he cares very much about what it sounds like and he has a blueprint to turn those ideas and concepts into actual sounds. Mark fits in with Duran Duran the way we fit with each other. It's like having another member in the band, really."

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  • Tara from Nashville, TnThis album is their best since Rio. I believe Mark Ronson helped bring the classic Duran sound back. I think they have found themselves again.
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