Planet Earth

Album: Duran Duran (1981)
Charted: 12
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  • This was the band's first hit in the UK. The song also reached #1 in Australia despite the band doing no promotional work there. It's Australian success was based on the strength of the radio play and its stylish video featuring the band performing against a futuristic, glacier-styled backdrop.
  • Drummer Roger Taylor was asked in an interview with Q magazine (February 2008) what inspired the band to latch onto the new idea of the promo video. Taylor replied: "The video for Ultravox's 'Vienna' came out and (manager) Paul Berrow said, 'You can do one of those.' Paul was very switched on and ambitious and so we did the 'Planet Earth' video.
  • Duran Duran were seen as poster boys for the New Romantics, and one of this song's lyrics namechecks the early '80s musical movement, before its moniker was in wide usage. The band took it from the headline for a newspaper article on Spandau Ballet that read: "Here Come The New Romantics." Bassist John Taylor recalled to the A.V.Club in a 2012 interview: "I remember reading it and thinking, 'Wow, it sounds like they're doing exactly what we're doing,'and calling the journalist in London and saying, 'Hey, if you like them, you're gonna love us!'[Laughs.] And then in the meantime, I thought, 'Let's put that 'New Romantic' phrase into one of our songs.'"
  • When the song started getting support in Australia, Duran Duran decided that they needed to get some television presence down there, so it was suggested that they make an accompanying promo. John Taylor admitted to The A.V. Club, "that was the primary motivation for doing that video… to support the song in Australia."
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  • Jeff from Austin, TxNo comments here? Wow!

    This is an amazing song with an even more amazing video.
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