King Of Hollywood

Album: The Long Run (1979)


  • This song is about the decadent lifestyle of the big bosses of Hollywood, primarily the producers. There are rumors that Don Henley was angry about a promised role in a Western movie he didn't get. >>
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    Jimmy - Vienna, Austria

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  • Jordi from Barcelona, Catalonia/spainThis is for Topkat in New York City- Will you please tell us who was this song actually "dedicated" to? Thank you and cheers for the Eagles' musical legacy!
  • Eagles Lover from Spring, TexadLove this song. Especially the guitar solos. Love all the songs the Eagles did.
  • Joseph from French Lick IndianaThis song is about Hollywood ring leaders, I think of men like Clive Davis here, the influences. Also see occultic cabal in this behind the scenes; and making the sacrifice of selling ones soul into the music and film industry. There's connections here with Hotel California, Google search for yourself, Clive Davis; satanic contracts and Illuminati, all this tied together. Wake up !
  • Topkat from NycIts not about Harvey Weinstein. He wasnt around then . Don Henley once said in an interview who it was about, it wasnt Weinstein.
  • Diane from Lake Roosevelt, Washington St.2018--This song is so appropriate for 2018! Recorded in 1979. It is a song about high powered producers, film, music and theater!
    I have had some of these word running around in my brain, for about 6-7 months. Couldn't quite get them all together and Then, it all came together! Callin, Callin, Callin! Harvey Weinstein!
  • Anne from Jordan"Still, his Jacuzzi runneth over" - this great line has been stuck in my mind for a week now. Brilliant. Love this track, love Don Henley's anger and sarcasm (agree w you, OldPink!) and the way it paints an exact story and picture when you listen to the song. Aah!
  • Russ from Florence, AzI agree with Glenn also. I would love to know who the target is. I was thinking Geffen, but is he (or was he) only a music producer? And Rusputtin - right on! - I saw the Eagles in about 74 or 75 when On the Border just came out. The Long Run and On The Border are my faves. I have to get up to Winslow soon too.
  • Jorge from Bronx, NyI agree with many here,The Long Run is their best work,There was about 6 songs in it that could have been hits,'I can't tell you why,my favorite,,,there is a lot more hits i love,but had this work on LP,Cassette and Cd,lol
  • Rusputtin from Atlanta, GaEchoing everyone else...if u are not an Eagles fan, chances are average ppl are not aware of this FANTASTIC cut! It was a hot summer afternoon in Bangladesh when I first heard this track and this track gave me a chill! Since then it has been one of my all time fav track...i love to listen to this track alone while driving down the highway. Some of the other underrated tracks of Eagles are "u never cry like a lover","on the borders" etc...
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InJohn from AR, I like "Hotel California" and "Desperado" better, but I also really like "The Long Run," a very good album. I have to agree with the others that this song is excellent. It has a kind of low key anger and sarcasm to it. The vocals even have that restrained fury to them. Nice bit of guitar, too.
  • John from Waldron, ArThis is one of my favorite songs off of my absolute favorite Eagles albums. Everyone thinks I'm weird (they're probably right) because I think The Long Run is their best work, but its just great. When I was 11, my mom & dad bought the cassette and hated it because it wasn't country enough,so they gave it to me. I wore that thing completely out, and years later bought the cd. It still holds up as my favorite Eagles album of all time.
  • Mike from Hueytown , AlI'm going to have to echo everybody else and say this is a very underrated song. It's one of my favorites too
  • Stephen from Sydney, AustraliaExcellent Eagles song, albeit probably not a well known one. Unusual in that it doesn't have a chorus. Great guitar solo. I'm with Glenn from TX on this one.
  • Sujit from Kathmandu, OtherYes, it is indeed the most underrated song by Eagles. It has been one of my favorite songs since I was very small and remains so even now.
  • Sara Mackenzie from Middle Of Nowhere, Fli don't seems to be a good song, but at the same time, it is not like the other great songs that the eagles released...
  • Glenn from Bandera, TxKing of Hollywood is absolutely THE most underrated Eagles song. It also happens to be one of their best!
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