1000 Nights

Album: No. 6 Collaborations Project (2019)
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  • "1000 Nights" finds Ed Sheeran lamenting his gruelling life on the road as he sings about being in a different city each day.

    Oh, I been on for a thousand nights
    New York to London, different city every day, yeah
    Playin' on, playin' on, puttin' up 50 thousand lights

    Ed Sheeran's Divide concert tour officially began on March 16, 2017 in Turin, Italy and ended on August 26, 2019, in Ipswich, England. Our computers have worked out this is a total of 893 nights.
  • In an interview with radio personality Charlamagne Tha God about No. 6, Sheeran talked about this song and his x tour, which started on August 6, 2014, and continued worldwide until December 12, 2015.

    "It's about being on tour for - it's not technically 1000 nights, but almost 700 or 800 nights on tour," he said. "I don't really remember 2014, 2015. It does all become a blur. I now bring my best friends on tour, so I've got four best friends out with me and we enjoy it all together."
  • American rappers Meek Mill and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie each supply a guest verse. Meek's rhymes find him boasting about his luxurious lifestyle and how he gets to perform at stadiums now. A Boogie mainly talks about his relationship with women, though he does come up with the head-scratching lyric: "Me and Meek and Ed Sheeran just like the Beatles."
  • Sheeran explained to Charlamagne Tha God that he was a fan of A Boogie's Hoodie SZN album, and he sensed that the song would also work well for Meek. "Originally, I had a different beat. And when I made the beat - Meek actually said this when I played it to him - he said, 'You know my tempo,'" Sheeran recalled. "For me, it just sounded like a Meek song."

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  • Conrad S.soriano from PhillippinesI want to see sheer an sang the song in YouTube the test!! Hahaja
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