Put It All On Me
by Ed Sheeran (featuring Ella Mai)

Album: No. 6 Collaborations Project (2019)


  • Ed Sheeran links up with "Boo'd Up" singer Ella Mai for this upbeat love song, which marked their first collaboration together.
  • The twinkly R&B duet finds a stressed Sheeran looking forward to returning home so Mai can comfort him.

    When I'm alone with you, you make it better again, yeah
    Your arms are where I wanna remain

    Sheeran also reassures Mai that she can rely on his support:

    I'm here for whenever you need, you need, you need
    To put it all on me

    Mai has similar issues and she recognizes that Sheeran performs a similarly relieving role in her life.

    Ooh, you're there for me when I need you to be
  • Sheeran and Mai wrote the song along with the track's producer, Fred Gibson, who also played the guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. Gibson worked on 12 out of the 15 tracks on No. 6 Collaborations Project.
  • The Jason Koenig-directed visual tells the love stories of couples from across the globe. The heartwarming video ends with Ed's own romance - he is seen together with wife Cherry in their kitchen as they dance together and then share a kiss.

    "Back in high school, Ed & Cherry were crushing hard," a message alongside their clip states. "They made out at the castle on the hill. A few years ago they reconnected, there were fireworks. They married in January 2019."

    Ella Mai is shown in the visual heading out on a date after swiping right on a potential love interest.

    Koenig said shooting the clip involved the crew "shooting 17 shoots, in 18 days, finding real couples dancing all over the world, with cameras in our backpacks. I know we didn't get to every culture but we tried for as many as we could. The people we met were so inspiring. Love is real. Dancing is the best. Hoping to put a little joy into the world this holiday."


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