Last Supper

Album: Edens Edge (2012)
  • This mournful ballad finds Hannah Blaylock comparing a relationship on the rocks to the Last Supper of Jesus Christ. "You break the bread and you break my heart, you raise the glass, we fall apart," she sings.
  • Blaylock co-wrote this song with Nashville songwriters Catt Gravitt and Danny Myrick. Mandolin and banjo player Cherrill Green recalled: "Usually at the end of a writing session we send our newly written song out to each other and at the end of a month or so, we get together and talk about songs we have each been writing. But sometimes when we have been writing a lot during a particular week, we forget to send a song around here and there. That happened with 'Last Supper.' Hannah pulled this song out and said, 'here's a song I wrote a couple of weeks ago!' I started flipping out that I hadn't heard it yet! I loved everything about it. We all knew it had to go on the record!"


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