Album: Tumbleweed Connection (1970)
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  • In this song Elton sings about fond memories of a girl he once knew. The Tumbleweed Connection album has a prairie theme, which shows up in this song with images of cattle, cornfields and hay.
  • The wife of Ray Williams, who was managing Elton John and Bernie Taupin, was pregnant when they were writing this song, and Taupin suggested that Amoreena would be a delightful name for a little girl. The baby was a girl, and she was named Amoreena.

    This story does not have a happy ending. Williams ended up parting ways with John and Taupin soon after Amoreena was born in a bitter dispute that involved their publisher, Dick James. In liner notes to the Tumbleweed Connection album, it says that Elton is the girl's godfather, but they never formed a relationship.
  • This plays in the opening scene of the 1975 Al Pacino film Dog Day Afternoon. >>
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  • The name "Amoreena" implies love, as "Amor" signifies love in many languages (note the English word "Amorous").

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  • Alberto Borgia from Trieste,italyThe name of my mother was Amorina and i use this songs As a gift to her friends in memory
  • Craig from Rocknrollroy247@gmail.comUnmistakably one of my all time favorite songs and album by Elton and Bernie....Top 5
  • Robin from Milford, NjHats off to the most ingenius, prolific and entirely successful songwriting duo ever! Oh, and I DID name my daughter "Amoreena!"
  • Angela from San Diego, CaHis first manager, John Reid, had a little girl named Amoreena that most likely inspired Bernie to use this title. My band Integr8d Soul Rocket, Man plays this song: my favorite by Sir Elton!
  • Paul from Belfast, United KingdomWe used to have an old radiogram that had great bass sound. I always loved listening to Amoreena on it - Dee Murray was such an unrecognised talent. Love this whole album, always rated it as Elton's best.
  • Jay from London, OnWhat a wonderful song. I recently felt as though the song may have a deeper meaning - that "Amoreena" had possibly met a tragic end maybe in an auto accident or an accident of some kind -on listening to the lyrics " Amoreena's in the cornfield brightening the daybreak" it brought to mind how people often leave memorial markers at the roadsides where loved ones have tragically perished. I don't know it is just something that crossed my mind that I wanted to share.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhThis song is written and sung so well, I'm surprised a whole lot of couples didn't end up naming their baby girls "Amoreena" is beautiful.
  • Jim from Long Beach, CaWritten by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, It is amazing how two Brits can capture Americana so well..Great song from an equally great album...
  • Kevin from Reading , PaAgreed. This is a fine song.
  • Guy from Chicago, IlGreat song great album.
  • Lester from New York City, NyI could swear Elton is singing this love song to a cow. 'Tumbleweed Connection' is undoubtedly one of the greatest albums ever.
  • Bryan from Flint, MiOne of my favorites. Taupin had such a grasp of the American heartland, it's almost scary. The best Elton song that nobody knows!
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