Enrique Iglesias

May 8, 1975
  • His father is the very popular Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. His parents split when he was 13, and he moved from Madrid to Miami, where he launched his singing career. He credits the diversity of musical influences in Miami for providing a foundation for his music.
  • After four Spanish and four English albums, Enrique Iglesias released his ninth album Euphoria (2010) as bilingual, containing seven songs in English and six in Spanish. The album includes guest appearances by Akon, Nicole Scherzinger, Pitbull and others.
  • He's got a pilot's license. He started taking pilot lessons in 2002 to get over his fear of flying.
  • His eighth #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart "Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)" made Enrique Iglesias the artist with most number-one songs among solo male artists in the chart's history, surpassing Michael Jackson and Prince. Iglesias also held the marks for most #1s in the histories of Billboard's Latin Songs (21) and Latin Pop Songs (17) surveys.
  • His debut single on the English-language scene, "Bailamos," was used in the soundtrack to the movie Wild Wild West. Will Smith, who starred in the film, asked Enrique Iglesias to contribute to the soundtrack after attending one of his concerts. Smith told MTV news: "You've just never heard this kind of sustained screaming... It was almost like people were coming there specifically to scream. And like the girls were taking turns going 'Yeah!' And when [one girl's] getting ready to stop, she points to her girlfriend to take over. It was like, damn, just hours of sustained screaming. I was like, I want this guy on the soundtrack."
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