Devil, Devil (Prelude: Princess of Darkness)

Album: The Outsiders (2014)


  • This track contains the second and third part of a haunting trilogy centered upon evil. It starts off with the preceding track, the tensely introspective "Dark Side" where Church talks about putting a bullet in anyone who messes with his family.

    Part two is "Princess of Darkness," a speech about the evils of Nashville that Church partially recited straight into his iPhone in the Opry Mills mall parking. He did so not long after learning that Shel Silverstein's estate wouldn't give him the rights to the late author's Nashville-as-the devil poem The Devil and Billy Markham.

    The final part, the menacing "Devil, Devil," finds Church taking on Nashville's streets of broken dreams before concluding, "The devil walks amongst us. And Nashville is his bride."
  • Church said that he and producer Jay Joyce set out to challenge themselves on The Outsiders. "We made a conscious effort when we started this album," he said. "We were at a point in our career where, I understand that we had two choices. I could have continued to do 'Drink In My Hand,' 'Springsteen,' 'Creepin' . . . I know how to do those things. I know how to continue the career that way. I think we made a conscious effort to challenge ourselves artistically, and do something that was artistic. That's what we did. That's what we chose on this album. We made it that way."
  • Church told Billboard magazine that no one should interpret this anti-music business rant as being his personal manifesto. "I really wrote that from the standpoint of — I've had my struggles — but I've seen a lot of people who had struggles," he explained. "I've always been so compelled by the difference between a person who come to this town and has his dreams come true and a person who's standing outside on Broadway playing for tips with a guitar case open and starving to death."

    "The talent difference is pretty close," Church continued. "They can both do it. It just seems so cruel to me the randomness that one makes it and ten don't. The seedy nature of that is what has always appealed to me."


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