Love Your Love The Most

Album: Carolina (2009)
Charted: 63


  • This is the first single from Country music artist Eric Church's second album, Carolina.
  • Church wrote this with Michael P. Heeney. He told The Boot about the inspiration behind this song, in which the narrator lists off various objects that he likes: "I was watching a football game one day, drinking a beer, sitting around in my pj's. My wife had read somewhere some quote about me hating love songs. She asked me out of curiosity, 'Why is that?' I told her that when people come to my shows, our crowds are very much fists-in-the-air, beer-in-the-air kind of crowds. Normally the guys have their fists up and they're singing along, and the girls are on their shoulders doing the same thing. I find when I play a ballad, the fists go down, the beer goes down. So it's always hard to write a song that's considered a love song and keep that anthem quality.
    As I was sitting there watching a football game with a beer in my hand, the idea came to me. I thought maybe there's a way to do this and make it work. I ended up finishing the song a week later in Texas, when we were playing a show there. I really just wrote about what I saw. I wrote about the people - about the girls that were on the guys' shoulders, and what they had in common with each other. It turned into a song that became what I set out for it to be. When we started playing it, the fists stayed in the air, the beer stayed in the air, and it's currently off to the best start I've ever had in a single."


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