Let It Grow

Album: 461 Ocean Boulevard (1974)


  • In 1970, Eric Clapton released a song with his group Derek & the Dominos called "Keep On Growing," where he sang about finding fertile ground for love. In his gentle solo track "Let It Grow," he stays with the garden theme as a metaphor for love, singing, "Plant your love and let it grow."
  • Clapton played the dobro on this track. A dobro is a type of acoustic guitar with a raised bridge and resonator cone which produces a moaning sound.
  • Yvonne Elliman sang backup. Before joining Clapton's band in 1974, she played Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ, Superstar. She had a disco hit in 1978 with "If I Can't Have You."
  • 461 Ocean Boulevard is the address of the house in Miami where Clapton and his band lived while they were making the album.

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  • Jimmy C from NappanI can’t believe Slow Hand had the audacity to rip off led zeppelin so blatantly —why didn’t they sue??
  • Music Holds The Secret from EarthAlicia, maybe you’re thinking of “Tears in Heaven “?
  • Mike from U.s.a.@Ociee117, he may have expressed it as being a ripoff but it was subconsciously inspired. no plagiarism here. both great songs. page was probably flattered.
  • Jason from Antarticathe riff is similar to stairway but not the same and both songs are epic, plus stairway is similar to Spirit's "Taurus" which was the original I suppose but you have to build on what others have done to make good music.
  • Valentine Adonee from Strawberry Fields ForeverGive me ''Let It Grow'' over ''Stairway To Heaven'' any time of day and night. My all-time favourite song by Slowhand. Immaculate, emotional delivery. It's impossible not to fall in love with it.
  • Jorge from Oakland, CaNot only that they lived on 480 Ocean Blvd., that house was converted into a recording studio. It says so inside the album cover (which I'm a proud owner).
  • Dane from Lima,ohio, FlThis song is so underated.It's one of my favorite songs by Eric.To me the into sounds sorta like Pink Floyd with Roger Waters singing.But it changes.I like how it builds & fades out.This guy is so underated as a singer.He's very soulful especially on this one.
  • Gord Wood from London Ont, OnAlica this cd came out in 1974. Claptons son died in 1994 or around there.
  • Ociee117 from Rochester, MnClapton admitted in his autobiography that he had unknowingly ripped off Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven
  • Alicia from Oswego, NyClapton wrote this song about six months after his son committed suicide. The story behind this song is that when he lost his son, it almost drove him off the edge, but he bailed on his friends, & over came his drug addiction. Another part of the song is the friends who stood by him to help him. This is an amazing song.
  • Confidential from Confidential, NyIt's a calm song that means a lot
  • Sam from Seattle, WaWhen my family was driving, we heard this come on the radio. My parents had this played at their wedding
  • Miles from Vancouver, CanadaOne of the best love songs that's not too sappy.
  • Guy from Woodinville, WaLove the song. To me, the guitar fadeout is reminiscent of the Beatles' "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" from Abbey Road.
  • Rob Mcmahon from Woodbury, Njanother great Clapton classic
  • Sam from Chicago, IlThis is one of my very favorite Clapton songs. It was written along with "Give Me Strength" when he was overcoming his heroin addiction.
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