Tears In Heaven

Album: Rush Soundtrack (1992)
Charted: 5 2


  • Clapton wrote this about his four-year-old son Conor, who died on March 20, 1991 when he fell out of a 53rd floor window in the apartment where his mother was staying in New York City. Clapton had one other child at the time: His daughter Ruth was born in 1987, the year after Conor was born.
  • Clapton wrote this with Will Jennings, who has written many famous songs from movies, including "Up Where We Belong" from An Officer And A Gentleman and "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic. Jennings wrote the lyrics to many of Steve Winwood's hits and has also written with B.B. King, Roy Orbison, The Crusaders, Peter Wolf and many others.

    He told Songfacts: "Eric and I were engaged to write a song for a movie called Rush. We wrote a song called 'Help Me Up' for the end of the movie... then Eric saw another place in the movie for a song and he said to me, 'I want to write a song about my boy.' Eric had the first verse of the song written, which, to me, is all the song, but he wanted me to write the rest of the verse lines and the release ('Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees...'), even though I told him that it was so personal he should write everything himself. He told me that he had admired the work I did with Steve Winwood and finally there was nothing else but do to as he requested, despite the sensitivity of the subject. This is a song so personal and so sad that it is unique in my experience of writing songs."
  • Clapton wasn't sure he wanted this song to be released at all, but the director of Rush, Lili Zanuck, convinced him to use it in the film. "Her argument was that it might in some way help somebody, and that got my vote," Clapton said.

    The song plays near the end of the film, which is about a narcotics agent who becomes an addict.
  • Clapton knew of Will Jennings from his work with Steve Winwood. Says Jennings: "Eric and Steve go back, they made that one record together years ago (with Blind Faith), and Eric followed all our writing from Arc Of A Diver, because he always kept up with Steve. We wrote an album called Talking Back To The Night that Steve and I did, and then the third album we wrote was the Back In The High Life album. So Eric knew about that, and he knew about the Crusaders things and the B.B. King things. He had said he always wanted to get together and write, so he called me for the film. Russ Titelman, who had produced the Back In The High Life album, was involved in the film, and that was the other connection."
  • Jennings revised the lyrics as Clapton and his band worked on it in the studio. They had no idea it would be a huge hit. Says Jennings, "It was furthest through from my mind, really. I was so involved in the sensitivity of the subject, and I didn't even think about that. I'm passionate about all the songs I write, but it was just in another place entirely, another category." (Check out the full interview with Will Jennings.)
  • Conor's mother is actress Lory Del Santo. She and Clapton began dating while he was going through a divorce with his wife Pattie.
  • After Conor's death, Clapton appeared in Public Service Announcements urging parents to put up gates to keep their children away from danger.
  • This won Grammys in 1993 for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Male Pop Vocal. Clapton was nominated for nine Grammys that year and won six.
  • Clapton played an acoustic version on his 1992 MTV Unplugged special. The performance was made into a very successful album, featuring acoustic versions of "Layla" and "Before You Accuse Me." The acoustic version was used a the B-side of the acoustic "Layla" single in 1992.
  • Clapton's 1986 album August is named for the month Conor was born.
  • In March 2004, Eric stopped playing this and "My Father's Eyes" in concert. While touring Japan in November and December 2003, he discovered he could no longer perform them. Said Clapton: "I didn't feel the loss anymore, which is so much a part of performing those songs. I really have to connect with he feelings that were there when I wrote them. They're kind of gone and I really don't want them to come back, particularly. My life is different now. They probably just need a rest and maybe I'll introduce them for a much more detached point of view." >>
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    harvey - jackson, MI
  • Clapton wrote about this song in his 2007 autobiography: "The most powerful of the new songs was 'Tears in Heaven.' Musically, I had always been haunted by Jimmy Cliff's song 'Many Rivers to Cross' and wanted to borrow from that chord progression, but essentially I wrote this one to ask the question I had been asking myself ever since my grandfather had died. Will we really meet again? It's difficult to talk about these songs in depth, that's why they're songs. Their birth and development is what kept me alive through the darkest period of my life. When I try to take myself back to that time, to recall the terrible numbness that I lived in, I recoil in fear. I never want to go through anything like that again. Originally, these songs were never meant for publication or public consumption; they were just what I did to stop from going mad. I played them to myself, over and over, constantly changing or refining them, until they were part of my being."
  • In America, this is the highest-charting song Clapton ever wrote. He reached #1 with "I Shot The Sheriff," but that was a cover of a Bob Marley song.
  • Maren Morris, Eric Church and the Brothers Osborne performed this at the Grammy Awards in 2018 in honor of the victims of both the Manchester bombing, which took place after an Ariana Grande concert, and the Las Vegas shooting, which happened while Jason Aldean was on stage at the Harvest music festival. Names of the victims appeared in displays behind the singers.

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  • Paul from London How did Eric Clapton write tears in heaven when Elvis Presley died in 77 and sang this exact song before he died?
  • Dios Moagi from Tzaneen, South AfricaI play this song whenever I feel sad and somehow it makes me feel better. This song makes me appreciate life.
  • Janina Martin from Melbourne, FloridaJust really listened to the lyrics last night and burst into tears. Sorrowful yet good tears. My daughter Heather passed away after a sleigh riding accident while celebrating her 5th birthday. She hit a tree and was pronounced brain dead. I donated her organs and have met a few of the recipients which turns some of this tragedy into a miracle. Just wanted to post that this song and lyrics could not have expressed my own thoughts and feelings any better. Thank-you.
  • Thomas from Fuquay Varina, NcI heard an interview with Eric shortly after this song had made such a splash. He was asked if he had written this about his son and he said " no". It had been written before the death. Some time later, the story changed and, it seemed it became that he wrote it for his son. I suppose, it made a much better story that way.
    Especially if it made parents more cautious with attention to child safety. I remember this vividly, because it was so contrary to what seemed to be so right, and it came from Clapton's mouth. It may have been a local interview on Atlanta radio ( where I was living at the time). Anyway, that is what I heard him say.
  • Dianehpalazzo from Toms River 08753, Njsuch a sad song it is so hard to loose a child but he's in heaven now with the angels and there will be no more tears in heaven when i sing this song it makes me cry
  • Susan from Waterbury, CtEric Clapton is a perfectionist, seriously who's better then he is? We all have our faults and regret things we did, at least I do. Tears in Heaven was his way of grieving for his son. Big freakin deal that his dirt bag ex wife Patti is getting big bucks to tell her side of the story after all these years of not selling it to the highest bidder. She should keep her mouth shut and carry on with her mundane life. At least clapton is still on top of his music and is married with a family after all he's been through. He's had enough bad love.
  • Kurtisle from Rancho Cordova, CaIt never fails to make me cry when Tears In Heaven. I imagine losing my daughter. I don't seriously think I could live through it. Losing my Baby Girl would kill me. This and "River of Tears", just get me deeply. Listen to One More Car, One More Ride. Both are, I believe are his finest playing and singing. I'd like to know how many dry eyes there were in that audience afterwards.

    Peace is the Only Way
  • Nell from Chatham, NjThis song reminds me so much my little cousin if still alive would be 12 and a half years old:(
  • Marc from Ft. Collins, CoOk, this song, on the surface is about Conner. But theres much more to it than that. EC was using drugs and drinking all the way up until the early 90s, and has said that during that time, he lost so many friends and contemporaries, but never really mourned for any of them because his wasn't able to fully connect with his emotions. When Duane, Jimi, SRV, John Lennon, etc. died, he didn't even do so much as to pick up the phone and call Gregg, George Harrison, Jimmy Vaughn, or Jimi's Band or Family. Didn't attend any of their funerals or ever go through the process of mourning until he got sober. When he got sober, all the emotions came rushing back to him, and he touched base with George, The Allmans, etc, and sort of made ammends (for himself) in almost a 12-step type of way.....This song is about all these people, not just Conner....In Fact, IMHO, I feel that it's more about Duane than anyone. Listen to it with this in mind, and you might agree with me.
  • Sarah from Seattle, Wait makes me cry a little reading these comments.
    this is such a sad and beautiful song. it makes me think of my great grandpa, he passed about a month ago, and my little cousin melanie that dies when she was only one year old, of cancer. i cant really remember melanie because we were the same age though. it really sadwhen family passes, and really sad when there just babys.
    (im only 13)
  • Sharbel from Cleveland, OhThis song reminds me of my dad, who passed away when I was 10. I miss you papa. R.I.P
  • Clarissa from Raymore, MoThis song reminds me of my bf Cody because his mom died when he was 4 years of age and his dad died a few years ago. so his dad's second wife is taking care of him. this song means a lot to me because i lost my great grandpa a few years ago and i was really close to him. i hope everyone feels the same way as i do when they listen to this song.
  • Chelly from Baltimore, MdI am 15 year old girl I lost my father when i was 9 years old he was murdered and when i heard this song it made me think of him because even though my parents weren't together i was a huge Daddy's girl and i still am This song makes me wonder what heaven is like and if my daddy remembers me I miss my father so much Then when i was 13 I lost my Aunt whom i was very very very close t. This song makes me think of them and how their lives where cut tragically short. RIP ROB AND DANA CLARK
  • Bob from Brookline , NhI believe Conor was only 3 or 4 yrs old at the time of his death. I remember so wel because my son was the same age and I was able to easily put myself in Clapton's position and could feel the absolute horror and desolation that Eric must have been feeling. I could only marval at the strenth and courage shown by Clapton through the whole ordeal. he amazed me totally and still does. thank God he had his vast talent to draw on during this period, he was able to help so many other people who'er not as strong as Clapton. I guess this is the way true genius is able to deal with tragedy and soften it for the rest of us. I would very much enjoy meeting Eric Clapton some day. I've never known anyone or heard of anyone stronger or more in control of themselves.
  • Meg from I Duno, InEric Clapton,
    We sang this in music class, I cried everytime we sang it. Bless your little boy. I want everyone and you, to know that when I grow up I want to be an FBI agent, so i can help children that have been kiddnapped and taken from their families. Your son, was a beautiful boy, who didnt deserve anything less then what all of us do. You are a GREAT man. Dont let anyone tell you and your boy otherwise.
  • Ramona from Tiptonville, TnToday, the world lost a beautiful,loving person to the rages of cancer. For you Laurel, I play this song. You taught us how to live, love,laugh and to have faith. Even in death, you have taught us to go on. We all miss you so much and know that You touched the Face of God this afternoon. See you in heaven. Your 50 short years on earth wasn't enough, but we are all thankful for your wonderful passion for life. Miss you so much. Heaven received a beautiful angel today. love you love you love you
  • Israel from Laredo, TxI cry at this song every time. Its so wow. It reminds me of alot of things that made me gloomy. Its such a beautiful song..
  • Trevayne from Mumbai, IndiaThis song reminds me of my angel cousin herscelle (8 years ). We miss You and really love you lotzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  • Marcus from Stockholm, SwedenThis song reminds me of my baby brother. It's such a sad song :(
  • Elmer from Seattle, WaI truly don't know how Clapton can get through singing this song. It's so sad I can barely get through listening to it.
  • Alexis from Philadelphia, PaThis song is really beautiful, i found my father dead May of last year.. it really devistated me, everytime i hear this song it reminds me of him. RIP daddy
  • Jose from Bryan, TxIn 1989 my son Steven Joseph Murillo died at the age of 5 years old. This song 20 years later still brings tears to my eyes. His mother and I just re-connected after 20 years and have started the healing for me.
  • Teresa from Mechelen, BelgiumThis song is really beautiful and sad at the same time. Losing a child is the most terrible thing.
  • Erik from Galesberg, Australiasuch a beautiful song i feel sad for clapton :(
  • Billy from Nederland , TxThis song reminds me of my best friend John, who passed away from leukemia. We were friends since kindergarden and never stopped being friends. He was 12 years old. John and I will meet again someday.
  • Robbie from Coldspring, TxApril 4, 2009, my 4 month old granddaughter, Haleigh, died in her sleep. I went online to find the perfect song to play at her funeral. When I found Tears in Heaven, I knew that I had found the one. When I read the story of Eric Clapton's son, then I really knew. Thank you Eric for this piece of you that you have allowed us to share.
  • Sukumaran from Singapore, SingaporeI have heard this song many times but it did not connect. Recently I lost my godson, Arul Prakasam. He was 21years old full of life and adventurous. He loved the nature. He lived a detached life from his family, relatives and friends. He felt that he was born before his time and became one with nature on Sunday,1 March 2009. On Monday,30 March 2009, I heard this song again when I was driving home at night and the lyrics connected with my soul. Arul thank you for the beautiful moments we had and being with us. You have thought me much. Thank you Eric Clapton for sharing your Tears in Heaven.The depth of the lyrics is impeccable. I felt the loss of your son and lost of your Self.- Sukumaran; Singapore
  • Cody from Springfield, Ilto me this song represents everybodys pain of losing somone like with me i lost my great grandpa and it really got me but this song help me to end the pain now when ever i listen to this song i get all the way up to crying but just only have 1 or 2 tears and thats saying something because im only 13 years old
  • Brittny from Fort Wayne, InMy grandpa died of cancer in July of '08 which hurt me because my birthday is July 4th and he died pretty much two weeks after my 18th birthday.I picked two songs for his funeral and this was one of them.The lyrics made me wonder if he would remember me once I grew old and passed away and we met agian in heaven.And it also makes you think if the relationship you had with that person would be the same after being apart so long.I miss my grandfather like crazy and this song makes me cry almost every time but it's okay because everyone needs a good cry-to song to get out those tears.
  • Laura from Yrshire, United KingdomThis was played at my 7 wk old nephews funeral (the choir boys version) both of them r gr8 x
  • Luis from Lima, PeruI remember one video that i saw in youtube, i think that was the first time Eric playing this song , i think it was and interview for a tv show, Eric was in n hotel room and was interviewing by a a lady she asked somthing like Have you compsed any song recently ?? but i think it was delete , in youtube anyone can remember and tell me what is the name of the tv program or the lady name pls pls answer me to this mail luis_fox5@hotmail.com thank you i will apreciate
  • Will from Baghdad, IraqI cry at night in my bath tube with my clothes on and the shower going when I listen to this song
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaConnor was not the only child of Eric Clapton. He has 4 other daughters. Also, this song is about his grandfather who was like a father to him.It's a beautiful song.
  • Louise from Newcastle, United KingdomBeautiful song- it really makes me cry.
  • Sasa Lee from Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaA very sad song that I never feel that level of sad before.Matching with my emotion now.Hope every body here stay happy and peace.
  • Amber from San Francisco, CaVery moving and beautiful song. The story behind it is so sad. How Eric Clapton must have felt after his son died in such a horrible and tragic accident! I can't even imagine the pain.
  • Another from Phoenix, AzI think Eric Clapton ought to read 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper. The book gives a very lengthy description of the family and friends which welcome you into heaven. The author actually died for ninety minutes and was in heaven during that time. It may give Eric Clapton a sense of joy and peace knowing he will meet up with his son Connor again. Obviously God has used Eric Clapton to help many people during their greiving. Thank you for your song.
  • Darwin from Calgary, Alberta, AbI've just finished reading Eric Clapton's biography. I now know much better than I did before, what a talented and complex man he is, and how he lived so much of his live in emotional turmoil, desperately seeking happiness from within the fog of drug addiction and alcoholism. He spoke of his son Connor in his book, and referred to him as "a beautiful little boy." There was a picture of Connor included, and he truly was a beautiful child. One can only imagine what this little man might have become had he grown-up, but his young life was tragically cut short by this cruel twist of fate. It was so unbelievably sad, and Eric Clapton must have been utterly devastated. I have a young son too, and if I were to lose him, I can't imagine how I would carry on. Eric finally conquered his addictions, and has now found the peace and contentment he always sought in family life with his marriage to Melia McEnery, with whom he has four daughters (he also has an older daughter, Ruth, with Yvonne Kelly). In his book, Clapton poses the question - that if anyone wonders what price he paid for his excesses and loss of compass in life, they need only to visit the grave of his son.

    Throughout his musical career, Eric Clapton was often referred to by the lofty and divine title of "God." He is too modest a man to have ever taken that moniker seriously, but there is no doubt about his admitted connection to God, and how his surrender to God is what put him on the path towards redemption.

    "Tears in Heaven" is a hauntingly beautiful, tender and touching song, written by a beautiful man. "My Father's Eyes" was a touching tribute too, in its connection between Connor, and his own father, whom he never knew. Eric Clapton - you've given this world a rare gift ...the gift of yourself - and for that we shall all be eternally grateful.
  • Sam from Excelsior Springs, MoEric can indeed be sure to see Connor again. Because Jesus promised it..."I am the resurrection and the life. He that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live." Gospel of St. John 11, verse 25.
  • Bertrand from Paris, FranceIn retrospect the song is rather treacly and certainly not a match for a number of other Eric Clapton classics, but in its historical context "Tears In Heaven" was a song that brought comfort to millions whose lives were touched by tragedy. The gentle ballad, written in response to the circumstances that took the life of Clapton's young son, Conor, was featured in the soundtrack to the film [i]Rush[i]. It returned in an even more popular acoustic rendition on Eric Clapton's [b]Unplugged[b] collection.

  • Brendan from Calgary, Canadai was told his osn was 12 when he fell out of the building?
  • Sharon from London, Englandthis is one of the saddest songs i've ever heard nd it always makes me cry... it's just so beautiful and sentimental..
  • Joy from Iwakuni, JapanI dedicate this song to my friend in iwakuni japan. I sing this song all the time when I go to a karaoke bar, when I sing this song, everybody start singing along with me.. just saying what a beautiful song it is.. We love you Eric.. thank you
  • Joy from Iwakuni, JapanWhen I've heard this song it really touch my heart, i was going thru some marriage crisis at the time, i met this wonderful person.. he was one in a million friend, reason couldn't be with him or can't have cause he's got obligation. so i told him if he would still know my name? when i see him in heaven?. and we both laugh.. i love this song it is so beautiful and meaningful.. it relax my mind and it is so powerful..thank's Eric for a wonderful song..
  • Naomi from Bath, Mdthis is a really amazing song!!!
  • Jingsong from Nantong.jiangsu.china, United Stateswhy so many people have his son or daughter dead here?
  • Jingsong from Nantong.jiangsu.china, United Statesgood song I listened this song for half month recently
  • Cory from Seaford, DeAt my school one of my friends was killed in a car crash... on the way back from her viewing, I turned on the radio and this song was playing... I couldn't stop crying, and even though its been about 2 months now, I still tear up when I hear it...
    Rest in peace, Sam...
  • Joelle from Atlanta, GaMy friends dad died recently under very sad circumstances and apparently they played this song at his funeral. Everytime I hear it now, I start to cry, because I think of all the trouble my friend is going through. He told me he plays this song on his guitar and it makes him feel closer to his dad. I am very sorry for everybodys losses and I thank Mr. Clapton for writing a song that can help everyone get over their pain (even if it is just a little bit)!!!
  • Rhiannon from Minnetonka, MnAn 8year old boy I watched just died recently and this song really helped me let him go. It is a shame it was wrote was such sadness. But I said goodbye to Gavin:(
  • Spencer from Windsor, Canadai lost my five year old cousin to a brain tumor, just recently and i feel your pain mr. clapton.
    your son will always be remembered, as will my cousin in my heart.
    RIP sam i love you
  • Jessica from Canada, CanadaMy cousin resently lost his 2 week old baby, and even though I didnt have the chance to meet him I miss him. i was looking at his picture and he was the cutest little boy ever. My other cousin sang this song at the funeral and not one person had a dry eye.....YOU WILL BE MISSED LASHAWN F.M......love fam. J
  • Gary from Indianapolis, InI lost my seven year old son to Leukemia just last April. The week before he died, this song came to me. I'd heard it numerous times before, but it never hit me like it did. It still does. Losing a child is the most pain I've ever felt in my life. I'm sure the same goes with Clapton.
  • Rob from Woodstock , CanadaEric Clapton, im truly sorry for your loss! your son would have been a year older then I, I hear this song and it gives me chills! I could not imagine what you went through, Thank you for writing such an amazing song! This songs gives me tears which is weird cuz i dont really cry! but your an inspiration!!!
    Thanks again!!
  • Ray from Omaha, NeMy 18 year old daughter was taken from us by a sensless car accident.
    Kelly was my little princess....This song memorilizes her, and reconnects my heart to hers anytime I hear it.

    I love you princess with all my heart!
  • Andrew from San Francisco, CaAfter constant urging from my wife after moving into a new house, I installed safety chains on the windows in our 2-year-old son's room. 2 days later, he climbed up on a piece of furniture and pushed the window open. My wife found him crying, stuck in the open window with one leg dangling outside the house. If not for the chain (which allows the window to swing open only 4-5 inches) he would have fallen 2 stories to a concrete surface. A co-worker told me about the meaning of this song today. I'd always liked Clapton, but didn't know the story. I'll probably go home tonight, listen to this song and shed a few tears for Eric, and then feel very lucky.
  • Alan from Erieau, CanadaNever have I heard anything so beautiful to the ears! has to be the most touching song
  • Zach from Philly, KsHave you guys ever heard of the crossroads curse....thats why his son died......the devil killed him
  • Joshua from Twin Cities, MnThis is one of three songs written in response to Conor Clapton's death. Eric Clapton also wrote and recorded "Circus" (which appears on his Pilgrim album), and his friend and occasional musical collaborator Phil Collins wrote "Since I Lost You" (which appears on We Can't Dance, Collins' final studio album with Genesis).
  • Tim from Canton, OhThere is a comment about Eric singing "Here in heaven" instead of "There in heaven". The song is about him imagining being in heaven and seeing Connor. In his imaginings, he is "here" and feels he does not belong in heaven. Losing a child can rip you apart. My mother lost a son about 3 years old when he fell unseen into a pool. She had another child with her husband and me, but he had turned to drinking in grief and they were divorced before I was born. He died in a drunken stupor and I never met him. That tore my life up until I turned it around, eventually got married. My son was born and my wife informed me later that day something I would never have realized, my son was born on the same day as my lost brother. It was as if an angel were telling us all would be well and there would be no more tears in heaven. I have since visited his grave as a father and cannot imagine the grief in leaving your child in the ground.
  • Spencer from Mcbride, CanadaGreat song,very emotional. EC must have really loved connor to make him write such an awesome song on such a bad part of his life. i would have just given up.
  • Tony from Jervis Bay, AustraliaIt's not surprising to me that a man who has lived and breathed the 'Blues" since he first picked up a guitar, could produce a song that can be inspiring even when you consider why he wrote it. It is a testament to one of the greatest bluesmen ever, that he could use such a painful experience to deliver such a beautiful song. RIP Conor, Long live EC
  • Christi from Burlington, IaThis song is beautiful. Best song by Eric Clapton.

    I get tears in my eyes whenever I hear it and always think about my grandpa when I listen to it <3
  • Alex from Sacramento, CaDirk and Jack its written from clapton's perspective, imagining what its like to visit his son in heaven. While he wishes desperately to be with his son, he knows that he can't remain with him forever.
  • Jack from Hemel, EnglandThis song is amazing. I too, can only find the unplugged version, but it still as amazing as ever. I have no real conection to it, how ever, this song seems to show me the pain clapton went through. That must be the hardest thing loosing a son... I have to agree with you Dirk, I've always thought that maybe it was written from his sons point of view, as his son thinks that he doesn't belong there, he belongs with his dad. I think it maybe his son trying to say would he remember him, which i think, is obvious he will be remembered. R.I.P
  • Sean Hardesty from Arroyo Grande, Camy dad just taught me this song on guitar about a week ago. It's a beautiful song, and a lot of fun to play on guitar.
  • Dan from Sydney, AustraliaSuch a brilliant song. i also am having trouble finding the studio version... i can only ever find the unplugged.
  • Donald from Festus, Moa wonderful song..... i cant seem to find the studio version of it all i can find is the unplugged version
  • Dirk from Nashville, TnIt's an emotional song, for sure. And beautiful. Losing a child must be the greatest pain there is. And yet, something about it has bugged me since it was released. Clapton sings the refrain each time as "here in heaven." He is imagining going to heaven and meeting his lost child there. He sings: "'Cause I know I don't belong HERE in heaven." Don't you think he meant to say THERE in heaven. Doesn't that make more sense, conceptually? Otherwise, isn't he implying that he is already in heaven... or worse, that THIS is heaven, HERE around him on earth, where his little boy is painfully absent? Isn't the message of the song that the little boy now resides up THERE in heaven while poor anguished Eric feels he doesn't belong up THERE...?
  • Claire from Derby, EnglandThis song gives me goosebumps. It was played at the only funeral I have been to, for my baby cousin. Life can be unfair, but I think songs like this help you to understand that there are other people who know exactly what you're going through.
  • Silimusa from Pago Pago, OtherThis song is the best ad it will be the best ever.....It really touched me from the bottom of my Heart.......
    -Silimusa,Miscoi American Samoa
  • Silimusa from Pago Pago, OtherThis song has touched our Hearts deep with in....and it is a amazing and extremely SAD song...This is the best song ever and it ment something to Eric.....you are the best there is...
  • Denise from Nisland, Sdi think tears in heaven has to be one of the sweetest songs in the whole world adn it makes so much sense. i luv it!
  • Mark from Detroit, MiThiss song was played at the first funeral i cryed at it was my new born cuzs funeral he died at birth. It was the sadest thing becuase in the section of the hospital for expecting mothers there was a happy song to the tune of this song. It was probably the worst funeral everrr. Even my brother crys and ive never seen him cry or the babies father cry before in my life emotional day and emotional song tears still come to my eyes when i hear it.
  • Kika from Nyc, NyThis song is beautiful, and moving, seeing that all the men who commented on it seem to have demasculated themselves to comment. I think that's great. But versions of this with less of a backround sound much better. Even more beautiful, this song is just so sad, it's wonderful.
  • Dan from Lee, NhI don't particullarly like this song, but I just think it's amazing how many different styles of mucis Clapton emulated in his writing.
  • Pauline from Britain, Englandthis is so much an emotional song and a song with so much meaning for me i lost a son a few yrs before this song was realeased this song helped me through so many bad times i have cried buckets with this song also my brother died he lived in new zealand he died 2 yrs ago and was a big eric clapton fan so this song a very important song for me also one of the best songs ever written this song must mean a lot to many people this is why years later it is still played
  • Braydn from Dubuque, IaI can't believe how this song makes me cry. I am kind of an emotional person, but I usually don't cry. This song DID make me cry. I played it over and over and over just to cry. It's sad. I have only had my grandmother die and I was young when she died. I cannot say that I know his pain, but just by listening to this song, I have a sad image. I'm very sorry! Great song!
  • Michael Cohoat from Indianapolis, Idyou r a good singer and this song touches my heart every day i listen to it.
  • Deanne from Harrisonburg, VaEric Clapton is an incredible musician on his worst day, and he has made the world a more hopeful place to be in thanks to this moving tribute of loss and devotion.
  • David from Port Hawkesbury, CanadaIts Just a Beautiful Re-creation of What The World Would Be Like if It Were Perfect-Heaven
  • Kevin from Eugene, OrI can't even think about the lyrics of this song without tearing up. Even before I knew the story behind the song it's sorrow and hope overwhelmed me.
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaThis song was played at my step-dad's funeral. It is a beautiful song. Everytime I hear it,it makes me cry. And I hardly ever cry.
  • John from Boston, Magreat song! It makes you think, and I think it shows the genius of Clapton, and you can feel the sorrow in this song.
  • Sam from Chicago, IlEric Clapton had only been sober for a couple of years when Connor died. And instead of tailspinning back into a life of alcoholism he wrote this beautiful song. It went on to become his biggest hit. It's touched the lives of so many people, including myself. I think it's one of the greatest songs ever written.
    p.s. Ruth was actually born before Connor in 1985.
  • Sean from Pa, PaWeather it was written by Clapton or Jennings. The reason the song is so successful is becuase of the depth of why it was written. It makes people sad listening to it. People enjoy listening to it because of the story behind it. Jennings didn't loose his sun and write the song in honor of him. He did it probobly out of remourse for claptons loss. Beautiful song.

    another sad song is The Circus Left Town (songthing like that) thats another song about his son. Great song.
  • Karan from Bangalore, Indiawell,
    powerful and sentimental. but i think people should stop hounding EC to play this song anymore. why keep reminding him of the pain he's over?
  • Gary from Athens, TxI recently lost my wife. We have been together some 27 years. She was Eric Claptons's #1 fan. She had every song EC had done with every group he had been involved with in his illustrious career. She had EC photos, memorbelia, T shirts etc. At her funeral I requested Tears In Heaven to be played. People that had never heard this song were very moved. I also had her EC cap buried with her.
  • Michael Picard from Lapwai, IdAn outstanding song. My Favorite song in the world. Eric Clapton Ruled in Cream and as a solo Artist. Such a poetic song for someone you miss that passed on. I love the Acoustic.
  • Alex from Boulder, CoOmg, i Cried so hard. It is such a beautiful song, and it reminds me and all my friends of our really close friend who died on Dec. 20, 2003, from Smoke inhalation,Tamika Roske. She was so beautful and was only 11 years old and its not fair that she had to die, but now shes in a beautiful place called heaven and i prey to her every single night and i talk to her. Im always so worried about my friends now, i never even worried before this happened but i always tell all my close ones i love them when im saying good bye because you never know, that could be yourlast words to that person, and i never got to say good bye to her, and i miss+love everything about her sooooooooo incredibly much! i miss EVERYTHING, she was perfect , and now very sadly shes not here anymore. And i cant even beleve how Eric Clapton feels since he lost his son, Im so sorry! Im so sorry to anyone whos ever lost someone, i know its really hard I love u tamika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jordan from Pittsburgh, PaI believe I heard that he wrote this to his ex-wife, and then shortly afterwards his son died by falling out of a window, so he dedicated this song to him.
  • Billy Ross from Hagerstown, Mdwhenever i listen to this song, i think of my friend who was killed on the freeway when a tractor trailer fell on his car and crushed it, killing him. :(
  • Matt from Conway, ArClapton now refuses to play this song and "My Father's Eyes" in concert in respect for their respective reasons for being written. Puportedly, the pain is no longer "fresh."
  • Sam from Dublin, Irelandyou have no heart if you listen to this song and don't cry...
    i agree with daryl...
  • Patrick from Roswell, GaThis song is just so powerful. He puts so much emotion into the song, its just sad that he wrote it for such a tragic reason. I went to my best friends funeral(saddest ever) and since i can play the guitar a little bit(or maybe alot i dunno) they asked if i would like to sing or say something. Well i showed up with my guitar and i went up there, sat down, and played and sang this song with tears in my eyes the whole time.
  • Chloe from Somewhere, CanadaThis song makes me do 1 thing: CRY. I dunno i kinda do have a weird , depressed mind but it makes me think whether everyone would miss me or cry or not if i killed myself...I dont know, just these thoughts i keep having..
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandThis is one song that won a lot of Grammys and deserved to for a change! Well, the academy has to get it right sometimes!
  • Bryan from Spring, TxThere is only one word that I can think of to describe this song: Powerful.
  • Daryl from Stoke, EnglandGreat song, it's a shame it was inspired by such sadness :(
  • Marcus from Auckland, New ZealandConnor wasn't his only child - he had (has) an older girl (Ruth). Fantastic song, the bridge (Time can bring you down.....) sends shivers down my spine.
  • Courtney from Olathe, Ksthis song is so beautiful and so sad
  • Brian from Paoli, InSuch a beautiful song :(

    The only funeral I ever attended, they played this song.
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