There Must Be An Angel (Playin' With My Heart)

Album: Be Yourself Tonight (1985)
Charted: 1 22
  • Many Eurythmics songs were fraught with dynamic tension, reflecting the unsettled romantic and professional relationship between lead signer Annie Lennox and instrumentalist Dave Stewart. This song though is pure joy, with Lennox singing about being so happy in love, it feels like angels are playing with her heart.

    Lennox and Stewart had moved on in their personal lives, and in 1984 Lennox married a man named Radha Raman. The couple got divorced a short time later, and Lennox wrote the incisive "Would I Lie to You?" (also on the Be Yourself Tonight album) about him. No matter her romantic travails, Lennox looked to capture different emotions in her songs, so this one recalls the happier times.
  • The song features Stevie Wonder, who provides the harmonica solo. Wonder worked on this own schedule, so when Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart went to Los Angeles to record the song, they weren't sure if or when he would show up. "It was getting very late and we were getting pessimistic whether he'd even turn up at all," Lennox recalled in Q magazine. "Finally he showed up, and he was really an adorable person. He had these braids on his hair with beautiful gold beads, and when he plays he shakes his head so the beads make a loud noise. But his assistant, who takes care of him, took out this beanbag thing and gently tied Stevie's hair into it so it didn't make a sound down the mikes. The man is a supreme musician, worth waiting for."
  • This is the duo's only UK chart topper. It was also #1 in Norway.
  • In the lavish video, Dave Stewart plays the Sun King, Louis XIV of France. Annie Lennox is a singer brought forth to entertain the King at Versailles.
  • In 2001, the song was covered by the German group No Angels, and their version peaked at #1 in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, and Brazil.

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  • Jen from Dover, NhThis is one of the most beautiful songs ever the video too
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