Everclear Artistfacts

  • 1992-
    Art AlexakisVocals, guitar
    Craig MontoyaBass, vocals
    Grag EklundDrums
  • Everclear is a type of grain alcohol. It is illegal in some places because it is 95% pure, and dangerous if not mixed properly. Alexakis chose the name for the band because it conveys the intensity with which they play.
  • Alexakis was 30 when he formed the band. He is 8 years older than Montoya and Eklund.
  • Alexakis' older brother, George, died of a drug overdose when Art was 12.
  • The band is in the 2000 movie Loser, starring Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari (Both from American Pie). Part of the plot is Biggs trying to get Everclear tickets to impress Suvari.
  • Christina Hendricks, who played Joan Holloway in the TV show Mad Men, starred in Everclear's "One Hit Wonder" video from 1998.

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  • Patrick from Humboldt, IaNew album is coming out Sept. 12.
  • Patrick from Humboldt, Ianot two new member, 4! I know that's messed up but on their myspace page you can hear their new song "Hater." It sounds like good ol' Everclear.
  • Nikki from Anchorage, AkArt Alexakis has two new members in the band and they are releasing a new album =D
    <3 ~@~tHe luCky frOg~@~
  • Minerva from Portland - Mostly, OrTri-Polar is Craig's new band and The Oohlas is Greg's new band. It is rumored that Art has filed bankruptcy for $3 million, however this has not been confirmed by any reliable source. Still there has been little news about Art - unless you want to pay $35 to be on the everclearonline.com boards. Though I'll be a fan of him 'til I die, frankly, I'm not gonna pay to promote the bastard.
  • Lauren from Hfx, MaArt Alexikis (now a Democrat delegate for Portland) has "re-made" the band. They are currently touring and working on new material. They covered "This Land is Your Land" during the election.
  • Rod from Davao City, OtherArt uses a gretsch guitar, and some of his songs include tales of domestic disturbance and family problems.
  • Emily from Marietta, Gathey didn't break up because i saw them in concert "on the bricks" on 7/9/04 in Atlanta
  • Nathan from Spokane, WaMontoya and Eklund are no longer part of the band. Art Alexis and his new bandmates still use the name "Everclear"
  • Bendover from Sydney, Australiano they didmt cas they are realesing an album
  • Amber from Citrus Heights, Cathe group broke up in 2003
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