Decayin' With The Boys

Album: From Parts Unknown (2014)


  • "Thirst," the first single of From Parts Unknown, came with a video of two dudes tearing their way through the city of Buffalo. This song's music clip stretches out the pair's story from where the previous visual left off. "I want to incorporate them into f--king everything," vocalist Keith Buckley told Noisecreep. "The crazy thing is, they never knew each other. They knew of each other, just from being around Buffalo, it's a small town. But they met that day and it was like soul mates. They're now really good friends and that chemistry they have is for real."
  • The "From Parts Unknown" album title was initially inspired by a term used by wrestlers to increase their mystique. It ultimately came to reference the more hopeful mood that crept into the lyrical content during songwriting. "I didn't even realize I had that more positive outlook in me," noted Buckley.

    Buckley's positive outlook was maintained despite a bout of laryngitis that left him aid up for much of the recording and forced him to race through most of the vocal tracking in one single day.


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