Warm Healer

Album: Get To Heaven (2015)
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  • Get To Heaven became Everything Everything's angriest and most harrowing album to date, with hard-hitting lyrics about terrorist atrocities, politics, and society. However, they close the disc with the record's calmest track. Chief lyricist and singer Jonathan Higgs explained to The Line Of Best Fit: "One of the first things we said when we started making the record was that we were not going to have any quiet moments - all high energy - and that we weren't going to make a record like our previous one. Then we had this song, that wasn't quiet, it was still a bit dancey, that was almost calm. Resigned maybe. It's almost romantic."

    "I'm much more wilting in that song, and the anger from throughout the rest of the album has finally gone," he continued. "It's called 'Warm Healer' as it's almost soothing, like saying 'c'mon let's have a hug' after all the trauma. We thought that was a good way to end - not by insulting people and telling them they're s--t, but with saying 'let's move on; let's be better' but not in a preachy way."

    "I often feel like I wasted far too much of my life, and I'm asking 'where's my youth gone?' Higgs added. "It's a lament about that, but there's positivity in it too. I think."
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