Album: A Nod Is as Good as a a Blind Horse (1971)
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  • The July 3, 2009 issue of the London Evening Standard includes "Debris" in its London Calling 15 Capital Classics with the comment: "East Ender Ronnie Lane locates his saddest love song by the Blitz-era rubble that hosts the Sunday morning market".

    This is a fair description of this semi-acoustic track which includes a passable saxophone solo.
  • Ronnie Lane (1946-97) was born at Forest Gate, London, and romantic interests aside, "Debris" is a fairly obvious tribute to his East End/working class roots. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2
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  • Tim from North Mankato, MnCarlos: The song is about Ronnie Lane's father (Stan Lane, Sr.) and growing up in a bombed out area of east London. I found a December 1983 interview with Ronnie Lane in which he discusses "Debris" and other songs... "Oh, "Debris" is basically about my old man. Yeah, the Debris used to be… The Debris was down… not Petticoat Lane. Adjoining Petticoat Lane-- which is famous, everybody knows about it—is another market called Club Row, and that was all on Debris. People just used to come out there with all their chuck-outs and flotsam and jetsam and spread it out on the Debris, you know? And my father used to go down there every Sunday. Every Sunday morning, he’d take me down there and he’d root around for hours in all this s--t! (Laughter) And, uh, it wasn’t until I was in New York that I realized that I quite missed it! I was feeling homesick at the time." The complete interview can be found at .

    Faces' Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction is well-deserved. It shed light on a wonderful group that many people weren't familiar with. They left behind four good LPs. And Rod Stewart's best solo work is on his first four solo albums recorded while in Faces - and largely with the help of his bandmates.
  • Carlos from São Paulo, BrazilCould someone confirm if Mr Ronnie Lane, in this song, is talking to his father? I knew it since the LP record was launched here in my country. But due to the natural difficulties to catch the meanings in English I never went far to understand what is was about. Maybe a song for his wife or girlfriend. But it's really another story. Thanks. C.Alberto / São Paulo - Brazil.
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