Land Of Sunshine

Album: Angel Dust (1992)
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  • In interviews, lead singer Mike Patton has said the lyrics came from fortune cookie messages he had collected and an entry exam to join the church of scientology. >>
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    Brent - o'fallon, MO

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  • Lisa from Eveleth, Mni love FNM and lol so do my mom!!! FNM rocks.
  • Roy from Pitcher, NyI forgot how awesome these concerts were the first cd was my favorite
  • Stu from Philly, PaI love his operatic phrases near the end, they give me chills for being so awesome...
  • David from Kitchener, CanadaI just took the scientology test and it has the questions " do you often sing or whistle just for fun", "Does emotional music
    Have quite an effect on you? ", "Do others push you around"

    So I think its safe to say he was telling the truth.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandThe Church Of Scientology apparently DOES have a interview question that asks you "do you often sing or whistle just for fun?"
  • Smg from Crystal, MnI've actually gotten a fortune in a cookie that said "life to you is a dashing bold adventure," so the interview is probably at least partly true.
  • Eddie from Austin, TxI'm not sure if Patton took these lyrics from fortune cookies and scientology bs, my guess is he was just being a sarcastic ass when asked, but that just goes further to show his disregard for the system, music journalist included. Patton is an amazing artist (listen to Mr. Bungle - California if you have any doubts), but unfortunately very much misunderstood, he does like to mix complex analysis with sarcasm. This song is pretty straightforward though, its about nothing other than self-empowerment (although granted, with a bit of a smarmy attitude). It states the kind of reassurance that any balls out, cocky son of a bitch should have, and although sometimes you need reassurance, its all in your head, and really just a good laugh.
    This is also a great start to Faith No More's best and most influential album, funky bass, organs, and old-school electronica, along with FNM's classic heavy art-rock sound.
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