I'm Gone

Album: The Darkside Vol. 1 (2010)


  • DJ Premier provided the beat for this homage to his late Gang Star partner Guru. Joe told MTV News that he got the track from Preemo the same day Guru passed away in April 2010: "I was waiting for Preemo to give me a 'Ten Crack Commandments' or a shoot 'em up, bang bang," he explained, recalling his expectations when he got the track for this song. "He sent me the beat when Guru died - the day Guru died. It was a somber, sad beat. I was like, 'Ah, man.' I knew where to go with it. It really troubled me and I knew Guru passed away. I knew Preemo was hurting; I been through that with Pun. I knew how it felt. I had to pay homage and salute."
  • At a concert at SOB's in New York City, Joe explained he recorded the song as he was sickened and saddened by reading rumors about Guru on the Internet when his friend passed away.


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