What It Feels Like
by FFH

Album: Wide Open Spaces (2009)
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  • This is the first single from American Contemporary Christian Band FFH's tenth studio album, Wide Open Spaces.
  • FFH frontman Jeromy Deibler and his wife Jennifer spent six months in 2006-07 training musicians and mentoring worship leaders at a small church south of Cape Town. During that time he began to experience severe pain and unsettling symptoms throughout his body and months later Jeromy was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Deibler said: "Since our departure in 2006, Jennifer and I have moved to Africa and back, welcomed our second child, and dealt with my MS diagnosis. We've been walking the wilderness in brokenness and joy, learning that the two coexist." This song, which is a humble acknowledgment of complete brokenness before God, is one of a number on Wide Open Spaces, which chronicles the ups and downs of his difficult journey.
  • Diebler said in publicity materials that this is a song of lament. He explained: "It talks about how it feels to walk the wilderness, to be undone, to be scared to death, to be unsure of anyone and anything, but eventually to feel the love and peace of God just the same."
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