Piss Off
by FFS


  • Talks between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks regarding a collaboration first happened around the time the Scottish band released their breakthrough 2004 single "Take Me Out." However, it wasn't until 2014 that the two acts actually got round to recording some tracks together. "We approached it the way bands do with their first record," Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos said. "We had the songs first, rehearsed them and then recorded it all together, in a room. So no hanging around or fannying about."

    This was the first song written by the two acts and it is the closing track on their eponymous album.
  • The song proffers a simple solution for getting away from it all, at least for an evening: "Tell everybody to piss off tonight."
  • Drummer Paul Thomson came up with the supergroup's moniker. Alex Kapranos told Digital Spy: "It was Paul who one day just said, 'yeah, that's the name of the band. FFS.' And we all responded with, 'yeah, that's it. That's that.' Which is fortunate, because it eliminated lots of debate, or anything; it just seemed to be right."


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