Album: Fifth Harmony (2017)
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  • The Fifth Harmony girls get political on this track, which is both a call for unity and a protest against President Trump's divisive policies such as his plans to build a wall on the Mexican border.

    We build bridges
    Oh, we build bridges
    No, we won't separate
    We know love can conquer hate
    So we build bridges
    Bridges, not walls
    Bridges, not walls

    Dinah Jane Hansen commented to Billboard:

    "'Bridges' is definitely one of the heart-wrenching ones. It's definitely a message that needs to be shared out there into the world. Something we wanted to share with everybody and let them know is that we know love can conquer hate. I feel like everybody just needs some love, and it's all about unity right now and it's all of us uniting together as one and being there for one another.

    We were definitely going with the Michael Jackson vibe of 'make a change,' and it was just one that we wanted to change up and definitely speak up on what's going on out there, because we aren't blinded by anything. We know what's going on and I think we want to make people know that we know, and all we can do right now is share something in the music to make them have hope and make them feel loved, and make them know that love does exist."
  • Ally Brooke Hernandez explained to that the song is intended to unite people:

    "One of our proudest moments is "Bridges" because it has such a beautiful uniting message. It's what the world needs right now. There are so many beautiful harmonies and the melodies are really sweet. You really hear our voices strike through this song."
  • Normani Kordei admitted to The L.A. Times: "Honestly, 'Bridges' is my least favorite on the album. But I really love the message and what it stands for."
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