Can Stop This

Album: Anthems for the Damned (2008)
  • Frontman Richard Patrick told Artist Direct how the album is a survey of the world's problems, ending with this track. "It's not necessarily a 'me' record, but a 'we' record, an 'us' record. We're burning fossil fuel at a rate that's contaminating our atmosphere. We're destroying so much of our wildlife. We're at war with each other. Islamic fascists want to kill us. America will pretty much do almost anything for oil at this point. We refuse to try and start new technology. This record feels like anthems for the damned. It feels like a record written for people that really don't want to make a difference or make a change. It's pitiful and it's sad and, by the end of the record, I'm saying, 'Only you can stop this.' The last two songs are literally 'Only You' and 'Can Stop This.' At the end of the ambient track, 'Can Stop This,' there's a huge explosion and it just kind of disappears and goes into silence. And that's the end."


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