One Thing

Album: Finger Eleven (2003)
Charted: 16
  • This song is about a dying person who is trying to figure out how he spent his life. He is regretting the things he had a chance to do, but never did. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Arthur - Lakeland, FL
  • This was used in a video as a tribute to WWE wrestler and former World Champion Chris Benoit. In some ways, it implied that to Benoit, the one thing he'd worked for and would have done anything for was the Championship. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Doron - Toronto, Canada
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Comments: 19

  • Amy from Green Bay WisconsinSo yes it could be an addiction type thing or even about a girl that he "coulda" had...
    My thoughts tho...
    1. He had her but because of either his job or partying or even cheating on her thats y he lost her. Or because of his job or partying he didn't see that she was messing aroynd on him until it was too late.
    2. She was pregnant and didn't tell him...they broke up n she gave it up for adoption and he had no idea until he couldn't get baby back anymore.
    3. He was father of baby many yrs ago n just found out. Wouldn't gave left the mother if only he knew back then. And finally meets kid and is saying he's sorry. "You should be mine" ...which could also mean chick raising his baby with another dude or chick raising another dudes baby with him. "I don't wanna know...if i knew all about this 1 thing"
    See. So many interpretations.
    What ya think?
  • Axel from Los AngelesIntroductory guitar solo kind of sounds like the Beatles Dear Prudence.
  • Daryl from HoskinsFor me personally even though it may seem like a stretch to some, is I would give anything to have even just one more day with my wife who died last year. One day I'll see her again, but until then I would give anything.
  • Keinan from CanadaTo me, this song could be about “selling out” as an artist. If you listen to Finger 11’s earlier music, it is very different from their newer stuff. Musicians often battle with themselves over their creative license vs the ability to go mainstream and make a living off of their music. I feel this song was a way for the writer to confess his frustrations that come with working in the cut-throat music industry, especially when dealing with major labels.
  • Tracey from South Lake TahoeI believe it might be a man who discovers that he's in love and is afraid yet he'd give everything he's got to hold on to it.
  • Michael from El PasoI rediscovered this song. One of my motivations is getting my body back into shape and not round. However during those tough workouts this song comes on and motivates me. I used to think it was about coke addiction, then debate on abortion. However, the past month it has meant something different. I believe the guy has found out his wife has cheated on him and trying to find a way to forgive then forget. "Even though I know
    I don’t want to know
    Yeah I guess I know
    I just hate how it sounds"

    Sounds like he is in denial about the adultery and betrayal and hate how it sounds. Then "I promise I might
    Not walk on by
    Maybe next time
    But not this time"

    Sounds like he may be able to forgive her, but not this time. So he does not want to confront her.
  • Sparky from Vatican City, BotswanaSo the one thing Chris Benoit worked his whole life for was champion of play wrestling? PFFFFT!!! LoL!!!
  • Phil from Neenah, WiI would have to agree with Eric on this. As it seems like the speaker/singer is talking about regret on losing that girl, or guy depending on who you are, and going separate ways and looking back and reflecting on it. All while thinking along the lines of "If I did this/that back then, I would still have him/her." Along with saying about how one would give up everything just to be with that one person, or even a thing for that matter. It also seems to ask the listener on how much they are willing to give up to be with that one person again, be at a certain moment, party, etc. in a way. All in all, this song also seems to be in the same context as The Who's 'Baba O' Riley/Teenage Wasteland'.
  • Linda from Inland Empire, CaWhat I get out of this song is that the person has done something or experienced something that has dramatically changed his life forever and he is fully absorbing the shock of having gone past the point of no return. The lyrics leave plenty of room for interpretation as to the exact circumstances, but the depth of regret is overwhelming. Such a simple and powerful song.
  • Arti from Toronto, OnI was obsessed for months when i first heard this song.
  • Paula from Philadelphia, PaI think this song is about giving up every physical concrete posession to find out what comes next, to know where we are headed beyond this exsistence. What comes next.
  • S. from Shawnee Mission, KsLiving with regret is tough. You can't believe that you did that thing, even knowing the cost, you let yourself go there.
  • Elizabeth from Longmont, CoI can never get this song out of my head. For me it means that this person regrets something. Like he found out something that is going ot change his world for the worst.It's a very sad song in my mind.
  • Eric from Aston, PaThis song has several meanings to me. The one posted is one of them.

    Another is about giving everything you have up just to be with a girl and knowing everything about her and having her.

    Another, similar to the last but changed; a person who is about to commit suicide over a girl and wants to be with her on the otherside. So he is giving it all away (life and everthing he has) to go to the otherside to be with her. (These lyrics support this meaning: "It's nothing I planned, And not that I can, But you should be mine, Across that line"

    Those are some meanings to me. I personal like the two I came up with, though the meaning posted is also good.
  • Scott from Jackson, AkI've seen this song performed live, it was awesome.
  • Chris from Ontario, Canadait for me is being good at one thing. my friend liked this song its not a bad song
  • Ln from :), QcThis song might be about regretting your past, giving up something for someone else or not believing a love one is lost

    'Even though I know, I don't wanna know, Yeah I guess I know, I Just hate how it sounds..'

    ... Those were always my first thoughts on this song. :)
  • Andrea from Calgary, AbThis song also features the Timpani (type of drum) being played through out it as apposed to a regular drum set.
  • Harry from Adelaide, AustraliaThis song was played in Scrubs S03E20.
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