All She Wrote

Album: FireHouse (1990)
Charted: 58


  • "All she wrote" is a phrase meaning the end - it's something you might say after a sporting event has been decided or a party is ending. In this song, the phrase has a double meaning, as it indicates the end of a relationship, and also what the girl who leaves him wrote in her note announcing her departure.

    The song was the fourth and final single from FireHouse's debut album, which was a hair metal landmark featuring their biggest hit, "Love of a Lifetime."
  • FireHouse lead singer CJ Snare wrote this song with guitarist Bill Leverty. Some of the band's songs are inspired by personal experience, but not this one. Snare says that he heard someone utter the phrase "And that was all she wrote," which gave him the idea for the song. He wrote the story backwards, starting with the premise that the poor guy should have known it was coming when he found the letter saying his girl was leaving. (For more, check out our interview with CJ Snare.)


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