The Devil In The Wishing Well

Album: The Battle For Everything (2004)
  • This appears to be about a woman helping her husband or boyfriend overcome his depression. When we asked Five for Fighting's John Ondrasik what led him to write the song, he replied: "Experience, observation, and a hope that people in the grasp can find their way out."
  • Around the time this was released, Five for Fighting's John Ondrasik explained on his website: "I recently played 'The Devil In The Wishing Well' to a very close friend of mine who has a history of self harming, etc. Anyway, she was deeply moved by the song and played it nonstop for days (no I really mean it!). Along with some friendly words of advice this song helped her to confide with her mum and subsequently has resulted in her being diagnosed with depression. Now she is well on the road to recovery thanks to your music." >>
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  • Jana from MdI absolutely LOVE this song. Just as your friend did I have played this song non-stop. I hit rock bottom just like the guy in the song. Someone came and was beside me and told me I could get help and where to do it but I had to make that choice. My favorite lyric is "Jane says, you're as Holy as a ghost, But who loves you the most, if you offer I might let you carry me." OMG! She sees how transparent and fragile he is yet by letting him carry her shows how much trust she has in him. I love in the song how she tells him which way to go but he finds his own way. "A big hotel" What a great metaphor for a hospital. He can check in when he wants and check out when he wants. I love in the beginning how he says he's going to do it for Jane but as the music changes you can almost sense the change in him. He no longer says he's doing it for her but still has her support. Then he realizes he needs to do it for himself. "Cut a portion out of my heart". That's a great start in acknowledging the demons in his head but there is still more to explore. He says basically "I have these secrets and the counselor is telling him you cant tell me I haven't already seen. He's seen and heard it all. That's when he opens up and starts pouring out his heart. This depression he has had made him think he's insane but by talking to someone he's able to embrace his issues and finally realize he's not insane. He needed help and he had to do it for himself. The devil in the wishing well is saying there is hope. Because what do we do at a wishing well? We make wishes and hope they come true. This is an absolute genius song telling exactly what it's like to his rock bottom and come out the other side. Thank you for writing this!
  • Christopher Spores from Evanston, Wyoming From John on Facebook after the passing of Robin Williams. - "Lots of chatter on Depression after Robin Williams suicide. Let me just say for those on the outside, depression has little to do with "being sad"..." (8/12/14) "Interesting comments on my depression post...FYI my song "Devil in the Wishing Well" is about depression, and the possibility for escape!" (8/13/14)
  • James from Arley, Al"Devil in the Wishing Well" is about finding that bad down side of us, and going down there and hanging out for a while.
  • Sara Mackenzie from Middle Of Nowhere, Flmakes me feel like i'm mot alone in this world.
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